November 03, 2014

Why We Love Our Support Team


When something goes wrong...

Let's address the horrible, awkward elephant in the room -- sometimes, you don't have the experience you want with Contactually. Something might be broken, or have changed, or could just be confusing and weird. It happens.

We try to anticipate as many of these things as possible, but believe it or not, you lovable customers are all so DIFFERENT! You use Contactually for different things, in ways we couldn't imagine (which we love, but can be scary for us), in different places at different times. Sometimes, we're like a hockey team in a big game where there are 5,000 guys on the other team, and they all have pucks.

What the heck, let's run with the metaphor a little longer. Our Customer Success team members are our defenders, running around and trying to intercept problems before they get you stuck. But behind them, always ready, is our last line of defense. It's the goalie, Contactually Support.

Where would we be without Penny?

At some point, our metaphor breaks down, because we actually have more than one goalie. We have a bunch of them, and they work their asses off, often with people on our Product and Sales teams, to try to make things right in a crazy variety of problem scenarios. But as we get more and more users, who's making sure that system works? Who keeps those goalies fired up, ready to go, and equipped to help the most frustrated Contactually users at their most challenging moment?

Penny does! And for the last two years, she's been doing everything she can to make a better world for our customers.

My first job was in support, and if you've never done it yourself, trust me -- it's... not for everybody. It can feel like you're starting off in the hole already with every interaction. People don't call you to say hi -- they call you because something that someone else probably built is broken, or because they're feeling the impact of a tough decision someone else made.

But you know what? Penny's up to the challenge. Despite facing all the unique, insane difficulties that come with building and running a support structure for something like Contactually, with all our new customers, employees, features, and everything else, the rest of us are able to sleep soundly at night knowing that if there's a problem, we'll wake up to find things like this on Twitter :

Or this, in the reviews section of our GetApp site:

Now, it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, there's not a lot Support can do -- while our engineers are squishing bugs as fast as they can, that's cold comfort for people who are waiting for a problem to be solved. Still, it's important to us that people who can be helped get help, and people who we can't help yet have someone to help them figure out a workaround, and get those issues in escalated properly. We have that, and it's a gigantic part of what we're trying to do.

Thanks Penny!

We don't want you to ever have to contact Support. Hopefully, someday our goalie teammates can sit back, put their feet up, and relax, because Contactually is working perfectly for every customer on the planet. But between you and me, we're not counting on that happening overnight. Eventually, something with your experience will probably break (sorry in advance), and you'll need some help. That's why we need Penny and her team, and are more grateful than ever your patience, and their hard work.

So congratulations, Penny! Here's to making your job a little easier from now on.