March 29, 2018

Learn How to Stop Selling and Start Adding Value on Social Media with Phil Gerbyshak


Are you trying to make sales on social media? My guest today is Phil Gerbyshak and he is here to teach us how to start adding value on social media instead of adding sales pitches. Phil Gerbyshak is the author of four books and an esteemed public speaker. Phil is an expert in using technology to improve relationships and a social media guru. Phil teaches others how to connect people and technology together to increase sales. Phil has always loved building relationships and using tech and has so much to share with us that you won’t learn in business school. You’ll want to hear what Phil has to say about building relationships and adding value through social media so make sure to listen to this episode of Real Relationships to get the full scoop.

Phil doesn’t teach how to use social media, he teaches people how to connect with each other

Cold calling is a dying trend, but what will never die is relationship building. Thankfully social media has given us the power to connect and build relationships over any distance. A great way to connect with people over social media is through a third party. If you are both connected through a mutual acquaintance this makes it easier to form a relationship over common ground. Maintaining these connections over time will do your business a world of good. Phil has some phenomenal advice on adding value through social media, but you have to be willing to implement his strategies. Listen to Phil’s social media recommendations for yourself on this episode of Real Relationships.

How do you build relationships that lead to sales?

Building relationships is all well and good, but how do they lead to sales? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to selling through social media. Relationships take time and effort to build and you can’t force them to happen. The trick is to sell with social media, not on social media. Before inviting someone into your sales circle you need to interact with them first. Phil’s advice is to go to their social space, read their content, and get involved on their platforms. When you genuinely connect with people then they will be more open to a natural flowing sales pitch that is adding value to their life. Even though Phil has no shortcuts to success, he has some great advice. Listen to the full episode to hear everything he has to say about building relationships and selling online.

Stop trying to sell and start trying to engage

You can’t pretend that you are interested in someone on social media if you try your lack of authenticity will shine through. You need to be genuinely interested in what they have to say if you want people to take you seriously. The power of social media to drive sales is all about how you use it. If you simply want to make sales without connecting to your target customer then you will seem sleazy and pushy. Instead, focus your energy on relationship building and you can be a person of value to an added friend. If you are committed to being helpful to others they will seek you out and be willing to listen to what you have to say. If you think this is great advice then you will want to hear it all straight from the horse’s mouth. Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to hear my full conversation with Phil Gerbyshak.

Insight is what sells, not information

These days we are all bombarded with information. Anyone with a computer can find out anything they would like to know. If you are looking to sell something then you need to provide your client with insight, not simply more information. Illuminate the value that you can provide and that will lead naturally to a sale. If you are adding value and providing insight then you can sell to anyone who needs your services. Phil offers us some great insight on this episode of Real Relationships so listen in to hear it all.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:24] Phil Gerbyshak has always loved technology and relationships
  • [4:48] How did Phil learn the tactics that he uses today
  • [11:23] How to use social media to build relationships that lead to sales
  • [18:42] How do you bridge the gap of unease to build a relationship but you are looking for sales
  • [25:52] how do we go about showing our value to people?
  • [28:26] Are there any specific non-obvious tactics that he has found

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