January 18, 2018

Learn How to Develop Genuine Client Relationships, with Matthew Ferrara


Matthew Ferrara has had such a diverse career. He is a great public speaker, a photographer, a philosopher, and a real estate professional. On this episode of Real Relationships, I chat with Matthew and learn how his varied interests have helped his career. Matthew also explains to me how building genuine client relationships have led to his sales success. Matthew never has to chase the sale or make the ask. Do you want to learn how to have your sales just come to you without chasing them down? If so, then listen to this episode to hear Matthew’s fantastic advice on developing genuine client relationships.


Learn how to maximize your work and play

Why does Matthew Ferrera do what he does?  He is a multifaceted worker that has a knack for connecting different things to help friends and audiences. His varied interests have helped him connect different people and in turn, help them develop relationships. Matthew’s desire to help people to maximize their work and play has led to an interesting and varied career. He realized that those with an expansive view can provide more insight. Find out more about how Matthew uses his unique background to maximize his work and play while connecting people.

Repeat great lessons from those who have come before

Matthew transformed his career slowly over time. He learned how important relationships are when it took one key relationship to bring about his transformation to a career in real estate. That relationship helped him find his way and he learned some great lessons that he has been repeating throughout the years since great lessons can be used over and over. Ever since embarking on his real estate journey he has been looking for bigger and bigger platforms which eventually led to his career in public speaking. Listen to this episode to hear some of the fantastic lessons that Matthew’s mentors have provided him and that you can use in your own career.

Learn how to build key relationships

A series of great relationships were a key to Matthew's career success. This led him to learn that relationships are key to making any sales or doing any sort of business. Matthew learned that listening is imperative to building relationships even though his natural tendency as a public speaker is to do all the talking. Part of relationship building is to be a listening marketer, not a telling marketer.   Over time he has learned how to build genuine relationships with his clients. Listen to this episode to hear Matthew’s tips for building genuine client relationships.

When will the transaction happen?

Many sales professionals are always looking for the next sale. They bombard their clients with spammy newsletters or less than helpful social media tips. Matthew approaches his clients differently. He provides the work first before a transaction ever happens. That way the sale happens naturally when the time is right. He feels that it is best to put the transaction out of his mind and focus on building a genuine relationship with his client. He knows that if the trust is built and the relationship is solid then the transaction will come at the right time. Are you tired of chasing after clients and always trying to make the sale? If so, then you will want to listen to this episode to hear Michael Ferrara discuss his genuine client relationships.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:24] Why does Matthew do what he does
  • [6:04] How Matthew transformed from an introvert to an extrovert
  • [10:05] The power of relationships have been the key to his success
  • [18:06] Being genuine in relationships
  • [22:03] Just do the work and you will get paid
  • [31:47] Open your conversations with questions

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