February 14, 2014

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2014 Prep Plan for Success

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It's that time of the year, folks. Keller Williams Family Reunion is back, and this year it's in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. And needless to say, I'm jealous of the team we're sending over: Alexandra (@gibsondm), Brent (@brentsum), and Brian (@bpesin) -- do say hi to them if you see them! We're at booth 112 this year.

Being the KW Family Reunion, you know that there'll be a ton to see and learn right from the get-go. It wouldn't be a Family Reunion without it. Whether this is your first Family Reunion or you're a veteran, here's a quick checklist of things to make sure you get done before the conference starts.

1. #kwfr

One of the best things about Keller Williams Family Reunion is that it's HUGE on Twitter. So if you're on Twitter -- there is no reason you shouldn't be -- make sure you have the #kwfr hashtag bookmarked for easy access so you can monitor and stay in the conversations going on around you. And trust me, there'll be a lot to say.

I've got the power!

2. Charged up?

And with as much as it's expected of you to keep in the conversations online, making sure your devices are sufficiently charged will save you the unfortunate moment of having technology die on you. So keep your charger with you! If you have the time to get an external battery for your phone, such as the Mophie, go that route.

3. Know what's going on

We get it, there's a lot happening at KW Family Reunion. Besides the sessions and the rock star lineup of speakers, performing is Kenny Loggins during the Red Bash and Take 6 during the Inspirational Brunch. Don't miss it!

4. What's your plan of attack?

It's the whole reason you're going, right? And like I said, there's so much you can get by just attending this conference. Whether it's learning or making new connections, know what the one (or two) things you want to take away from the conference are and stick to it.

5. What's the plan afterward?

Whatever your plan of attack was during the event, what you do after the fact is just as important as what you do during. If you networked your ass off and now have a healthy number of new acquaintances, don't forget to keep in touch! And if you're a Contactually user, here's how to do so.

I hope this helps you get the ball rolling on a successful conference! See you all there!