June 20, 2014

The value in an MBA network

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Keep in touch with your thousands of "friends"

During the first-year of my MBA, I met at least 500 people for in the span of just a few months (everyone from fellow students, faculty, other professionals, recruiters, guest lecturers and many more) . Many of these people have been added to my facebook and linkedin networks, but that's pretty much where the interaction ends. With so many demands on my time (homework, class, studying, partying, recruiting, extracurriculars), it has been quite difficult to keep in touch with so many people. This can be quite frustrating as one of the key selling points for the MBA is the "network" that you can develop while at school.

I remember early in the semester, a marketing executive guest lectured in one of my classes. I found the company and the work they were doing to be really interesting, so I spoke with him after class. He gave me his contact information and let me know I could reach out at any time. I stored is information in my phone and then completely forgot about it until now. I regret not having had reached out to him sooner as I could have shown him how serious I was and potentially built a strong relationship with a leader in their industry.

Building lasting friendships

That's where Contactually comes in. Contactually syncs with just about all my main channels of communication (text message, phone calls, email, facebook, linkedin, calendar, etc.) and helps me keep track of who I've been in contact with and reminds me to reach out to people I have lost touch with. This feature is great because it helps me stay top of mind with my network. In addition, by reaching out individually in a 1-to-1 manner with my network, I'm able to build and maintain stronger relationships than if I only connected with them while at the school's latest crazy theme party.

Check it out

Check out Contactually's completely free trial for 30 days and finally reach out to all the people you've been "meaning to get in touch with." Because you never know where your former classmates will end up - and you don't want them to forget about about all the photos you have of them from that night of revelry at the 80s theme party.