January 06, 2019

Jeffrey's Story


Welcome to Contactually's Story series! This is where Contactually's clients tell you what Contactually looks like from their point of view. They share their challenges, triumphs, and top tips and tricks. This week we're proud to feature Jeffrey Douglas, Regional Manager for Central San Diego at Pacific Sotheby's International Realty.

What are you most proud of from the last year?

One of the things I’m proudest of is launching our Contactually partnership.  It’s been a really positive and beneficial thing for the company. There’s so much noise out there, it’s hard to find technology that’s simple and easy for agents to use -- while also valuable.  That’s what we found with Contactually.

Why did you need Contactually?

Several of our top-performing agents were already Contactually customers and had been promoting it to our CEO.  We wanted to provide a CRM that would primarily help agents nurture their sphere of influence in a highly personalized way -- something we think is critical for an agent to be successful.  I’ve used every CRM that’s out there, and ultimately we decided Contactually was best for our agents.

What were your results with Contactually?

So many agents have told me stories of how Contactually has helped them grow their business.  For example, an agent in La Mesa recently followed up with a past client; he was surprised how long it had been since they last spoke.  Later that afternoon, he went out and listed a new condo for over $1 million with that past client. It was 100% due to the Contactually reminder to follow up.

Any tips or tricks for using Contactually?

We started doing a weekly video call, where agents can share Contactually best practices.  In-person and ongoing webinar training like this -- with heavy support from our Contactually customer success person -- has been critical to making our Contactually partnership successful.