January 03, 2019

Jason's Story


Welcome to Contactually's Story series! This is where Contactually's clients tell you what Contactually looks like from their point of view. They share their challenges, triumphs, and top tips and tricks. This week we're proud to feature Jason Farris, Broker/Owner at FresYes Realty.

What are you proudest of from the past year?

I’m proud of our people, and how we’ve all adapted to the tremendous growth we’ve seen over the past year.  I think whenever a company grows rapidly, you get nervous that maybe the culture will suffer, but that hasn’t been the case here.  In fact, we were recognized as 'Company of the Year' in Fresno and received multiple awards for both our marketing efforts and overall culture.

Why did you need Contactually?

I’ve personally been a Contactually customer since 2013 and grew my business on the back of Contactually.  I developed this concept of database mastery, and I coach my agents on this methodology. I believe Contactually is the best CRM on the market, and I think it adds so much to an agent’s business.  In fact, I’m so confident in the value of Contactually that I wanted to remove any obstacle that would prevent an agent from using it; in 2016, I bought it for everyone in our brokerage.

What were your results with Contactually?

I have dozens of anecdotes, both from my personal business and those of my agents.  But here’s one example: I met Natalie five years ago, and helped her sell her home.  Using Contactually, I continued to stay in touch with her and developed a real friendship.  She referred me to a friend, who referred me to other friends. In those five years, 15 transactions have come from Natalie and her network -- and I attribute 100% of that business to Contactually.

Any tips or tricks for using Contactually?

I use tags in Contactually to remember the specific interests of everyone in my network.  Then, when I’m at, say, a beer tasting, I can snap a photo of the awesome beer I’m trying to share it with just those people who are interested in craft beer.  When people get an email or text from me, they know it’s not just spam; it’s personal, it’s relevant, and they love it.