March 09, 2017

Introducing: The Contactually Sphere Accelerator for KW


Think about how many marketing emails you ignore each day. Tons, right? So doesn't it seem backward that many real estate agents and CRMs continue to rely on drip campaigns?

Engaging leads and your sphere takes personalized messages, not just pretty pictures. That's why Contactually's excited to announce the release of our Sphere Accelerator plan for Keller Williams.

Read on to learn more about this exclusive plan for KW....

Inspired by a close, natural alignment with Keller Williams' network-centered ideology, we've taken the science behind KW's 33 Touch and 8x8 campaigns and combined it with Contactually's emphasis on personalized communication.

Built with you in mind

Contactually takes the systems outlined in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and breaks them down into a daily strategy. Designed to generate a continuous cycle of leads and listings, the Sphere Accelerator plan allows you to communicate at scale while retaining the personal aspect of your relationships.

In other words, we combine the science of models with the effectiveness of daily actions, a concept we call relationship marketing.

With the help of rockstar KW Contactually users, we've crafted short, helpful emails that illustrate your focus on the client and your real estate expertise. As with all emails sent via Contactually, campaign emails will always land in recipients' inboxes, never in their junk or promotions folders.

No wonder our users find Contactually emails generate a response 113% more often than other emails! That's a lot of relationship building and appointments!

What you're getting

Keller Williams agents can take advantage of five premium campaigns prebuilt into the Sphere Accelerator plan:

    • 33 Touch - to engage committed leads and core advocates to generate referrals and win repeat business

    • Long-Term Lead Nurture - to gently stay top-of-mind with leads that might otherwise be forgotten due to lengthy timeframes

    • Open House Leads 8x8 - to consistently follow up with open house leads and illustrate market expertise

    • Internet Leads 8x8 - to quickly follow up with and qualify online leads

    • Recently-Closed Client - to stay in touch after closing and generate a testimonial and referral

Most of the campaigns are fully automated. The 33 Touch, designed to help you not only maintain but develop the relationships in your inner sphere, occasionally prompts more personal actions, such as social media touches, text messages, or handwritten cards.

These, of course, can't be automated - nor would you want them to be! After all, your warm leads and inner sphere deserve the personalized attention you give them, because they're the ones driving your business!

Creating a strategic partnership

We want you to be successful, so when you sign up for the Sphere Accelerator plan, we provide complimentary database consolidation as well as one hour of coaching tailored to you and your goals.

As they say at KW, it's a win win!