March 21, 2017

Introducing Team Tools -- Drive your team's success


Optimize the way you manage

Even the best real estate teams run into growing pains. When working with other agents, it becomes more difficult to coordinate as a single unit. Miscommunications and a lack of transparency create a disjointed process that affects everyone from team members to their valuable clients and prospects.

Streamline your workload and close more revenue

Contactually's new team tools are designed to help minimize the admin work and maximize closings. Admins and team leads can finally manage their teams without getting in their agents' way. Automatically distribute valuable leads across the team, then track conversions from start to finish without having to constantly ask your agents for updates. Ensure everyone on the team is following up with and nurturing their leads. Gain insight into areas for improvement and increase overall close rates.

"With the addition of Contactually, agent productivity has increased 40%." - David Conderman

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The tools for greater success

Increase the follow through by routing leads.

Gone are the days of throwing money at Zillow leads only to later discover that no one followed up with them. Now, you can simply route new leads to agents round-robin or set up a manual distribution method to ensure leads are assigned so they can be nurtured to close.

Empower agents by assigning specific tasks and delegating responsibilities. Ensure that time-sensitive items are prioritized and communication is consistent. Have a high-value lead? Assign it to your top performer and keep track of progress until their transaction is closed.

Share winning content and drive more business

Create, manage and share the content that increases engagement and forges more relationships. Use Contactually's robust content libraries to easily share messaging and processes that generate the best results. Replicate market-proven tactics throughout the entire team, and arm your agents with the tools to create more opportunities.

Track performance and build the formula for success

With improved Insights, you're never more than a few clicks away from seeing the size, health, and composition of your team members' networks. Track general activity levels by calls, emails, and meetings. Narrow down to activity levels for assigned contacts to monitor lead follow up. Build a sustainable process across your team to drive consistent and repeatable results, creating more top performers.

There's still more to come

It's early 2017, and we're excited to introduce these key improvements. A great year is ahead of us, and we're happy to call our customers our partners in building the best real estate CRM out there. We welcome your thoughts. Send them our way at

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