April 01, 2014

Introducing: Contactually Version 4.1.14

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Hey there! I hope you're having a great week so far. I just wanted to drop in and tell you about some of the great updates happening at Contactually. If you remember, the last time we decided to number an update was during our big release in features last April on to which we slapped the 2.0 monicker. Today, we're announcing the next update, and it's so big that we had to leapfrog 3.0 and 4.0. However, it's not quite a big enough jump past 4.0 to warrant a 5.0. Nor is it big enough to claim 4.1.15 (maybe next year). So we decided to appropriately go with version 4.1.14.

Anyway, we've got a lot to cover, so let's jump right in, shall we? For starters, we thought a lot about what our product stands for and realized that it's all about building personal relationships that essentially feel tactile. It turns out, you can't feel things that are on your computer. So we decided to take our product out of the digital space and into the physical one.

If you're anything like me, we receive a ton of business cards, and it's a mess. Don't let your business card contacts fall through the sidewalk cracks or between seat cushions.

So many business cards.

The solution? An easy 4-step process.

Step 1: Send us your business cards

Pack up your mound of business cards and send them to us! Our flexible platform allows you to integrate directly with the shipper of your choice, whether it's UPS, USPS, or FedEx. We'll be rolling out DHL support in the near future.

Step 2: Pick your bucket sets and bucket color

Now that we know what color bucket you want your warm leads to go in, we can get one of our well-trained bucketers to sift through your contacts, expertly dropping them in the right place.

Look at that sorting!

The best thing about buckets is that they come in multiple sizes. So if you need a super bucket to hold a few of your smaller buckets, we offer that, too.

Buckets in buckets in buckets.

Step 3: Delivery

We'll send a member from our team who will walk through hell or high water just to hand deliver your buckets to you. Note: please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Thumbs up, Sean!

Step 4: Enjoy the benefits

Now that your contacts are properly triaged and segmented, you can do whatever it is you wanted to do with those business cards. Call or email those contacts, or shred them. Whatever strikes your fancy, all with the piece of mind that those contacts are sorted better than you could imagine.

Beyond the immediate benefits of sorting your contacts, you can rest easy knowing that your contacts are safe with us. We take security very seriously, and here's just a bit of what we have to offer:

A state-of-the-art lock box.

Not closing is a feature.

Guard dogs.

So vicious.

And if you do decide to cancel your account, we'll properly dispose of your contacts.

Precious food!

We plan on releasing this in the coming months to our entire user base, so keep an eye out for a future announcement on the release date for Contactually version 4.1.14. In the meantime, check out a study on when the best time is to send an email.