November 01, 2016

Introducing Contactually Slack & Facebook Messenger Integrations: from Contactually Labs


The world of chat

Our business, like yours, is built on relationships. The trust and rapport you build up with clients over the long-term help build your real estate business. And similar to personal relationships -- whether you've realized it or not - you've come to trust the technology that surrounds you. How often do you speak with Siri? A simple voice command and you have your answers within seconds. Or what about driving directions? Simply input location and you're guided by voice, turn-by-turn.

The shift towards friendlier, more personable tech is empowering agents and brokers alike to create even more growth in their business. New integrations and chatbots have been helping agents and brokerages become more productive overall. With the ability to quickly log and automate activity, agents are feeling less of the burden of administrative work lingering over their heads and cluttering up their days.

"I'm typically on the go in my daily routine, so I try to do as much as I can to make the most out of my time. I usually use Google or Alexa voice commands to make sure I schedule appointments in the moment, or else I may forget." - Brandon Doyle, RE/MAX Results

Although some new technology is novel and exciting, at the end of the day, it may not solve any problems for you. If anything, it's just another thing you've got cluttering up your phone, computer, or brain! There have been no shortage of attempts to revolutionize the industry -- some like Tay, which has its own flaws and bugs to work through. In such a growing space that holds nothing but promise for the future of Real Estate growth, Contactually is looking to drive more for agents within the tools they love and use.

Slack, Facebook Messenger & Contactually

To help agents and technologically savvy brokers increase productivity -- we're introducing Contactually's beta integration with Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

It's an easy way keep your database up-to-date, without having to leave the tools you live in every day. If you're one of the 77% of agents that uses Facebook to generate your traffic, build your network, and communicate with leads and clients, it's now easier to update new leads and contact changes directly from Facebook Messenger.

Imagine logging a note for a lead you've just been conversing with, without ever having to leave Facebook Messenger. You've saved time, frustration and most importantly further developed a contact in your growing database without missing a beat.

Any real estate teams using Slack?

The powerful tool that has kept your team in sync can now be leveraged to do the same for your Contactually database.

"Contactually is the tool that we rely on to serve our prospects and clients. Its integration with Slack delivers our clients' information inside of Slack making it easier to coordinate client follow-up, share team responsibilities, and provide quicker responses to clients. Slack is the glue that ties our team's tools together and having our CRM seamlessly integrated is our latest efficiency secret!" - Ranee Bryce, Jackson|Fuller

As difficult as it is to stay connected with the people you work with, it's harder when you're all coordinating within the same sphere. In your growing network, it can be easy to misplace where or when you met someone. To quickly gather that important context, simply ask "who is NAME" and you'll have all the information you need directly in your slack feed.

Just start a conversation...

You've probably found yourself communicating with a prospect through Facebook, finally getting the details of their purchase decision you've been waiting for. Only later to find that you forget to log those notes into your CRM and end up misplacing that key information you had be waiting on. Or maybe you've been working with your team on Slack, and need to make a very important update to a high profile relationship...

Getting started with Contactually's Slack and Facebook Messenger integration is simple -- just chat with it.

You'll find an easy setup that begins with connecting your Contactually account. From there you'll start to discover the possibilities. Ask for 'help' and you'll find a list of interactions to guide your conversation.

Update contacts by adding notes, pull contact information, or even send your follow ups directly from Slack or Facebook Messenger.

Look out for more to come.

Try it out and let us know what you think. Keep in mind this is a beta, so take it how it is and share your feedback on your experience with us.

Contactually Labs

With any new idea -- everything must be tested. This is our proving ground for ideas and features without the final polish. Anything you find here might change, break, or vanish altogether. Download, install, or integrate with the new ideas to come and look forward to more down the road. We'd love to hear your feedback along the way.