August 31, 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened

I've had a variety of results in testing subject lines. They all yielded different results because it really depends on who I'm sending the email to in the first place. That of course didn't mean I went crazy with a bunch of different subject line tests, but there were some strategic methods to my marketing madness.

For example did you know that marketers do not use question marks in their subject lines?


But MailChimp found that questions typically perform as better subject lines...

In the professional services world, you need to perfect the craft of digital communication and building relationships online. You know what you can compare the subject line to in real life? A digital handshake, a wave, or just a hello.

It feels nice to have those things returned by someone you know, but we've all awkwardly been there when that someone across the street doesn't return the wave. Maybe they didn't see you...

Your subject line will increase your chances in getting that digital wave or handshake back. People will open your email to continue the conversation because you provided that trigger for them in the subject line.

As I mentioned earlier, I've researched and tried dozens of options, but below you'll find our best practices in writing subject lines in infographic form. Try each of the subject lines to get your emails opened and to start nurturing and fostering those longer term relationships with your clients, buyers, sellers, partners, etc.

Infographic: Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened