February 15, 2012

How's the Future of Email Looking?


Has there ever been a day where you haven't checked your email? How important is it to check your email constantly? It's been suggested that about 40% of people surveyed believed they checked their email between 6 and 20 times per day. Of course, with mobile growing as a communication platform, it's difficult to gauge exactly how many times a person checks their email. It also depends on the occupation a person may have, as well as how big his or her network may be.

According to this infographic by Litmus, email users are expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2014. Although desktop email usage has been pretty stable, the mobile platform is definitely growing with email usage. Mobile is definitely making a place for itself as a tool in email communication. The most popular mobile platforms used to check email are the iPhone (71.98%), iPad (14.95%), and then Android (8.24%).

Whatever the statistics may be, in this modern age, it seems impossible for a person to be able to go a day without checking their email at least once. With all this buzz about the social media platform taking over the future of email, it seems quite unlikely for email to be overridden by social media. In fact, for social media to operate correctly, an email address must be linked to each account. Email has been used in the past, is currently being used, and will continue to be used as an important means of communication in the future. What your thoughts on the future usage of email?