December 20, 2018

How to Use Data to Make Your Agents More Successful


Key Takeaways

  • Top real estate brokerages invest in training and coaching to make agents more successful
  • Leveraging data from your CRM can increase agent success and grow brokerage revenue
  • Consulting real-time data in coaching sessions is a great way to support your agents

As a real estate broker, leveraging data is a key component of your everyday operations.  But are you using data in your training and coaching initiatives for agents? Since successful agents drive successful brokerages, investing in training and coaching should be a top priority. And one way to ensure that agent training and coaching is effective is by consulting data.

Contactually’s brokerage CRM offers robust data to make your brokerage and agents more successful. Our customizable reporting gives key people in the brokerage visibility into agent adoption and usage of the CRM. With this information, coaches can lean into opportunities to assist agents in better managing sales funnels. For example, if an agent is great at organizing contacts but not following up with leads, the coach can help that agent create automated campaigns in Contactually to ensure that following up is easy and automatic.

Once you’ve implemented Contactually, you’ll want to track a few metrics for coaching purposes. Coaches should hold meetings with agents to review usage data. By providing an open feedback loop, agents know that the brokerage is invested in their success.

Below are three Contactually metrics we recommend monitoring.

Number of contacts bucketed in the last 30 days

Why it matters:

  • An agent’s database is key to their success.  If their database is categorized and prioritized, they can focus on the right people.  
  • Bucketing a contact initiates all follow-up in Contactually. Whether it’s an automated campaign for new leads or a quarterly follow-up with past clients, it all starts with putting the contact in a bucket.  

Target Number: Agents should aim to bucket 200 contacts at onboarding, and 20 contacts per month afterward.

Follow-Ups completed in the last 30 days

Why it matters:

  • Getting a database in order is great, but your agent’s touchpoints are what matter most for growing their business.
  • Encourage agents to follow up with a diverse set of contacts. For example, instead of only reaching out to new leads, agents should also engage with their sphere, past clients, etc.  

Target Number: Agents should aim for 10 follow-ups per week. With Contactually’s easy-to-use templates and campaigns, this should only take about 30 minutes weekly.

Number of Sessions in the last 30 days

Why it matters:

  • Contactually is most effective when agents are actively using it.
  • The number of sessions will give you insight into which agents are finding value and who might need help with additional onboarding.

Target Number: Agents should aim to use Contactually at least one time per week.

Final Thoughts

The most effective agent training and coaching programs leverage data as a key element. Take a moment to assess your current training and coaching initiatives. Are you investing in the right insight to help your agents succeed and grow? If not, Contactually can help!