September 12, 2018

Maximize Open Houses with Contactually and Spacio


Open houses are expensive and time-consuming, but they’re also critical to succeeding in real estate: half of buyers go to open houses during their search for a new home. Plus, offline selling is nearly twice as likely to convert prospects to customers, making open houses an effective way to grow new business.

So if open houses are key to your success, how can you get the most out of them? By nurturing leads and building relationships with the people you meet through them.

That’s why Contactually and Spacio partnered to create a best practices guide to help real estate professionals like you get the most out of your open houses, build relationships, and turn leads into sales.

You can find it here.

Can you follow this process yourself without help from software? Sure, you can.

But by using Contactually and Spacio together, you can quickly and consistently follow up with leads generated during open houses and close more deals without the mess, mistakes, and time wasted that come with using paper sign-in sheets, spreadsheets, and sticky note reminders.

Check out the success Corcoran’s Brian Giambalvo has had using Contactually and Spacio together to follow up with his open house leads.

“My leads come into Contactually directly upon signing in on the Spacio app. I then follow up with leads via a Contactually Program. I also tag contacts with the property where I met them, so I can track the types of properties they might be interested in. This program has been working for me! A client signed into my Open House and I began my follow-up plan. She wasn’t ready to buy at the time, but a few months later I saw a listing with a similarly priced/sized apartment and sent a ScaleMail blast to everyone with that tag. She called me within 6 minutes and said she had been meaning to get in touch. I met her 2 days later and signed an exclusive listing of her property for $600K.”

The infographic below shows you more about how you can use Contactually and Spacio together to get the most out of your open houses.

Contactually-Spacio Infographic