February 09, 2017

How To Become An Asset To Your Professional Connections with Michael Roderick


Gone are the days when professional connections exist only to serve business or professional goals. When you take the time to build generous and genuine connections with others, whether they seem like an advantageous connection to have or not, you are opening the door to becoming an asset to them and their network of connections, on a number of levels. And when they see you as an asset, you become valued and top of mind.

Today's episode features Michael Roderick, a guy who's made it his business to study and apply the art of connection making and has a lot to share about the power and benefit of doing so. You're going to learn some critical things for relational success from Michael on this episode.

WHY making professional connections needs to be an achievable, realistic goal.

Most people Michael Roderick talks to immediately understand the value of building stronger professional connections. But when it comes to actually implementing a plan to build those connections on a regular basis they stop before they even get started because the task seems so overwhelming. On this episode of Real Relationships, Michael shares a simple way to make your connection building a regular part of your week - and why keeping your goals achievable and realistic are such a powerful part of the process. Be sure you listen.

Michael Roderick's GATE strategy for building great connections.

Making professional connections, or "networking" as it used to be called, is much more than exchanging a business card with someone else. It's the process of learning about the person so that you can intentionally add value to their lives and become an asset they don't want to live without. Michael Roderick has developed his GATE strategy as a reminder of the things he needs to be doing every day to build and foster relationships. Give - Ask - Thank - Experiment. You can discover the details of what each of those points means and how to implement them in your weekly schedule, on this episode of Real Relationships.

You can become a better connector through accountability and forgiveness.

When you see the need for building relationships with others in your profession but are having a hard time keeping your efforts going, what do you do? Michael Roderick says that it's vital that you find ways to keep yourself accountable, but also that you learn to forgive yourself if you fail. These two strategies will help you be more consistent in connecting with others and also enable you to be emotionally healthy so that you can keep doing it in ways that are beneficial. If you need help getting started with an effective connection strategy, Michael is the guy who can help you do it.

How you can move from service provider to resource through strategic connections.

Whether you are a realtor, founder, or small business owner, you need to be able to establish a rapport with your clients and customers that goes beyond the services you provide to them. You need to become a resource that they value and refer to others. But how do you make that transition, and how do you encourage your role as a resource in the minds of your clients? Michael Roderick is on this episode of the podcast to give us some connection strategies that will pave the way for greater success, so I hope you take the time to listen.

Outline of this great episode

    • [0:28] My introduction of my guest today, Michael Roderick.

    • [1:19] Why Michael is so interested in helping others become better connectors.

    • [4:50] Why a network enables you to play a different game.

    • [10:14] The challenge of becoming a connector in the midst of the tyranny of the now.

    • [14:11] Become a better connector through accountability and forgiveness.

    • [18:15] Using the "indirect ask" to prompt better responses from your connections.

    • [22:24] One connection that's made a huge impact on Michael's life.

    • [30:25] The most non-obvious tip Michael has learned about making connections.

    • [33:20] How a bent toward clarity enables you to avoid the "ickiness factor."

    • [35:44] The power of taking the time to understand the problems of your connections.

    • [37:40] Michael's biggest professional challenge at this point (and how you can help).

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