October 19, 2017

How to Be Memorable, Be Who You Are, and Rock Your Business, with Peter Lorimer


One of the most difficult things about building a successful business in a niche like California's real estate market, is how to be memorable. But my guest today has figured that one out simply by being himself. Peter Lorimer is a former music producer turned real estate professional whose company is niched into the high dollar Hollywood real estate world. He’s learned to use his unique personality and bent toward entertainment to make himself and his company memorable. In this conversation, we discuss how Peter got into real estate, how he fosters incredible relationships, his use of video and ad targeting to reach his ideal clients, and why he thinks email alone is never enough. This is a great conversation you won’t want to miss.

Be who you are, and whoever is attracted to that will become your clients.

Every line of work has its conventions, the things that are expected and normal for people working in that industry to do. When Peter Lorimer became a real estate agent, initially with Keller Williams, he played the part - suit coat, tie, nice shoes - but realized quickly that he couldn’t fit comfortably into that mold. So he decided to be himself, which eventually meant branching out to establish his own real estate office, build a team of agents, and market his company and services WAY outside the normal real estate box. Find out how Peter made that decision, the things he’s done to learn how to be memorable to his ideal prospects, and what happened when he did, on this episode of Real Relationships.

If you don't figure out how to be memorable you won’t be noticed.

What brand of soap do you use in the shower? Do you even know? If there’s nothing about a brand or company that resonates with you, causing you to remember the brand, what’s to prevent you from switching brands? Peter Lorimer realized from his work in the music industry that creativity and originality are vital when it comes to attracting and retaining a fan base, so he decided to apply the idea to his real estate business. The results have been phenomenal - and that’s no exaggeration. Find out what Peter did, how he uses video to entertain, inform, and warm up prospects, and his best advice for those wanting to branch out and become memorable, on this episode.

You can’t outspend the big companies, but you can do something they can’t do.

Most big companies in any industry are wearing golden handcuffs, the restraints of their industry that dictate what’s appropriate and inappropriate to do in terms of brand messaging, marketing, etc. As a smaller player in your field, that gives you a distinct advantage. You can take risks they can’t, you can experiment and try things that would be too dicey for them, and you can connect in a genuine, personal way with people you know are interested in the service you offer and the way you offer it. Peter Lorimer is a pro at connecting with people through his edgy, entertaining approach to content marketing, and he’s learned to follow it up with personal contact through targeted ads. You’ve got to hear him explain it himself - and you can by listening to this episode.

Move toward the stuff you love to do. Others will feel your enjoyment and be attracted.

It’s always a fun experience to be around someone who loves what they do. I had that kind of experience as I spoke with Peter Lorimer for this episode of Real Relationships. Peter obviously loves the work he does and has determined to do his work in a way that he enjoys. That enjoyment comes across in his enthusiasm and the quality of what he produces, and it’s incredibly attractive. Listen to this episode to hear Peter’s advice on moving toward the things you love and away from the things you don’t so that others will feel your enjoyment and be attracted to you.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:27] My introduction of Peter Lorimer, CEO of PLG Estates.
  • [1:19] Peter’s jump from being a record producer to a real estate producer.
  • [4:56] The way Peter learned to build really great relationships.
  • [7:45] Peter’s way of differentiating himself and his company in a crowded market.
  • [16:14] The approach Peter has taken to video as part of his content marketing.
  • [24:08] Peter’s approach to making his video content better all the time.
  • [27:43] Connecting entertaining content marketing and effective follow up.
  • [29:50] The most important thing in building relationships: don’t depend on email alone.

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