June 11, 2015

How to Assign Contacts to Team Members with Contactually


Divide and conquer with Contactually.

One of the most directly useful ways to use Contactually as a team -- even a team of only two -- is to divvy up different relationships to different team members. The benefit here is that :

    • it's easy to instantly see who is responsible for keeping an eye on a relationship and responding to follow-up reminders

    • even if that responsible person isn't me, I can still keep the contact in my database for other forms of outreach, and easily review things like prior conversations or any Programs that are running

If you're working in any kind of Sales or Business Development capacity, it's probably pretty obvious how you'd use this sort of thing. And yet... a lot of people still don't. Fortunately, we've been collecting feedback on how to make assignment more useful for a while, and we've just rolled out a couple of new features that we think will make assigning contacts the team game-changer it's capable of being.

#1) Bulk Assignment

To see the first change, go to the Contacts page, and select a couple people. As soon as you select more than one, you'll see the now-familiar Bulk Change Controls, which allow you to send Scalemail or edit a bunch of Contacts at once. Guess what else you can change in bulk now? That's right -- assignments. If you want to assign all of your weak relationships, or everyone from a company, or any other searchable combination of people to a single team member, now's your chance. Simply bring up the list of people, select all (or some other combination), and change the assignment the same way you'd change anything else.

Now you can assign tons of contacts in seconds, which should make the entire process of basing your workflow around assignments dramatically easier.

#2) Assignment Searching

Speaking of "searchable combinations of people" and making things "dramatically easier" -- what if you want to quickly pull up all of the contacts assigned to a certain team member? No problem; we've turned "assignment" into a something you can filter by on the Contacts screen so you can do exactly that.

If a team member leaves, for instance, or changes their responsibilities, it's easy to pull up all of their assigned contacts and simply re-assign them to someone else.

#3) Assignment Notifications

Now, while all of this is great for administrators and managers who do the actual assigning, what about the experience of having someone assigned to you? After all, assigning contacts to team members isn't all that useful if you're the only one who knows they've been assigned. Never fear -- we've added assignments to Contactually's notification system, so people on your team will know as soon as someone becomes their responsibility.

You can even click right on the notification to jump to a filtered list of all your currently assigned contacts, so you can get right to work.

Working as a team? You should try assignments in Contactually.

While these features don't add any earth-shattering visuals to your Contactually team experience (you'll have to try Insights for that), they're huge usability improvements to an assignment system that can be incredibly useful for teams of all shapes and sizes, so we're really excited to roll them out. So if you've never tried assignments -- or if the old system was too impractical for you -- take another look. And as always, let us know what you think, and how we can improve them.