March 15, 2018

How Can You Rise Above a Crowded Market and Attract the Right Customers?


My guest today is Jeffrey Shaw, photographer, public speaker, serial entrepreneur and author of the new book Lingo: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible. Jeffrey is here to show us how we can rise above the noise in a crowded market and attract the right customers. He has fantastic advice about how to really connect with potential clients and understand each market. He even gives us some tips straight from his book as well as a free bonus for listeners of Real Relationships. You’ll want to listen to this episode to hear how you can connect and build a relationship with your ideal client.

What is the key to entrepreneurship?

Jeffrey learned early on in his business that relationships are the key to entrepreneurship. In this technological age of information, everyone has access to so much knowledge and an equal level of technology so the only thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the crowd is the ability to form lasting relationships. When all things are equal then the only thing that matters is the relationship that we have with our clients. This is not something that is taught, no one teaches how to build relationships in business school. Learning how to build and maintain relationships with your client base is the key to success. Listen to this episode to hear how to create lasting relationships with your clients and transform your business.

How do you know who your ideal customer is?

So many businesses go about finding their ideal clients the wrong way. Instead of trying to force your business to fit a customer avatar start with your innate characteristics. Who are you really? Who would love to work with you? Once you understand the answers to these questions then you can define your ideal customer. After you have defined your ideal customer find out where are they and what is the market like for these people. Take the time at the beginning of building your business to define your market base and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. If you are having a hard time with your current customer base then realign your business to your ideal customer. Learn how to define your ideal customer first by listening to Jeffrey’s fantastic advice on this episode of Real Relationships.

How do you better understand your market so you can begin to connect with your target client?

When Jeffrey first started out selling portraits he didn’t realize that portraits are a luxury product purchased by affluent people. Once he did he made it a point to study the people that he wanted to sell to. He learned their behaviors and mindsets by going to high-end stores and places to learn more about his market. This helped him learn how to connect with his ideal clients and build relationships with them. Once you understand your market you can begin to make real connections with your target clients. Learn how to make these connections by listening to Jeffrey Shaw on this episode of Real Relationships.

How to predict your clients' needs so that you can best serve them

Staying one step ahead of your clients is the best way to keep them wanting your services. If you can predict what they need and provide that service to them before they even know what they need then you will form a lasting relationship. This can be a challenge but once you find out the commonalities or common values among your ideal client base then you can speak in a language that connects with them and make those clients feel completely understood. Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to hear how to predict your clients' needs and make them feel understood.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:35] What is the biggest challenge in getting just the right portrait?
  • [5:15] When did Jeffrey realize that relationships were the key to entrepreneurship?
  • [7:15] How did he learn how to build relationships?
  • [10:15] How do we understand other people’s worlds to begin to connect with them?
  • [16:47] Jeffrey walks us through his book
  • [19:56] How to stay one step ahead of your clients
  • [25:21] How to predict your clients’ needs when you don’t contact them frequently

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