May 30, 2016

How a Technology Tutor Built Her Business on Techie Tips and Client Endorsements


You may have noticed..we love our customers and Contactually users. There's nothing better than learning the background of our users and all the different ways they experiment within the app and build it to make it work for their business and relationships.

While we outline a general way to utilize Contactually to all of our users, no matter what business they're in, they always find a way to customize their experience. Whether they're using it to remind them to send a handwritten card, or even setting up a lunch date, there's no one single way to build up your network and relationships...we're just happy to be along to help on the journey!

In an effort to showcase our users, the work they do, and how they get it done with Contactually, we're sharing interviews with some of our awesome customers who in turn are sharing their unique story about the relationships they've built in their business's journey.

Meet Mardi Boettcher...

Mardi is a self-proclaimed 'techie' out of Palm Desert, California. After moving out to the Desert to help with her aging mother in 2010, she found that much of the help she was providing...was tech related. When she realized that many of her mother's friends were in a similar situation, her tutoring service, Desert Computer Tutor, was born.

Whether she's helping business people to utilize technology to increase their productivity, or assisting clients in mastering the latest operating system or cell phone, Mardi says her biggest reward is seeing her "clients' relief as they get over little obstacles and start to fully enjoy the many benefits of modern technology."

From hosting workshops to even offering remote and phone support for her clients' that she can't easily get to in person, Mardi's expertise range from email and social media help, to even lessons on how to utilize these tools for your business. Looking for a few more of her insights? Check out her blog where she shares personal anecdotes and quick 'techie' tips.

Contactually User Interview Ahead...

Interview with Mardi Boettcher:

Contactually: What is your primary goal with Contactually?

Mardi: To build my business by referral and repeat business so I don't have to attend networking events. I use Contactually for networking instead. Saves time, money and calories. I'm currently at 40% repeat and referral.

Contactually: Please share a success story that you've had since you've started using Contactually.

Mardi: I get much better open rates using programs and scale mail in Contactually than using MailChimp. My people often reply with thanks and/or make appointments.

Contactually: What's a quick pro-tip that you could share with other Contactually users?

Mardi: I use an email template to send after the first appointment. It thanks them, asks for a testimonial (includes a link to Yelp and 7 questions they can answer if they aren't on Yelp). I write it up into a paragraph and post on my website's "Endorsements" page The last question asks who they know that would benefit from working with me. I edit the first sentence of the template to reference the actual work we did together and the benefits.

Contactually: Do you have any tips for users who are just getting started with Contactually?

Mardi: Use lots of tags. The more you know and can reference about you clients the more understood and valued they will feel. Also you can target mailings to them based on their interests

Contactually: How do you nurture your network and relationships?

Mardi: I send techie tips every other week, I introduce people to each other and I share business building information.

Contactually: Can you tell us about a relationship you've built or nurtured using Contactually?

Mardi: I input people I meet at networking events and send them my techie tips every other week to build the relationship. I also share business building tips

Contactually: What else would you like to tell us about your Contactually experience?

Mardi: I love the responsiveness and helpfulness of the tech support staff and the "how to" instructions on the help menu. There is a bit of a learning curve, but Contactually is the easiest to learn. I know this because I have used other CRM's. The Colored circle that shows fading relationships has helped me notice people who were "falling through the cracks." I find the grading system very motivating too.

What about you?

Mardi's story shows that you don't necessarily have to attend a networking event to get your networking done, and even beyond that, you don't have to meet your customers in person - in order to help them and provide them with the support they need. Mardi's all about sharing her knowledge through her tutoring business, but also by sending out emails with her quick tips and providing her network with value that helps keep her top-of-mind.

How do you nurture your relationships and build up your business network? If you'd like to share your own Contactually story, then give us a shout! Get in touch on Twitter or down below in the comments.