June 25, 2016

[GUIDE] Own Your Network in 7 Days


We all know that your network...is your net worth. And your network so often can help build or break your business, but how exactly do you own your network and make it do the work for you? We'll argue that one of the best ways to stay on top of your network is by staying top-of-mind with them.

Beyond being memorable, and beyond being that guy that everyone knows, you want to provide value to the folks you have relationships with in your network, because we all know that you're so much more than what you do for your business. It doesn't take much, maybe it's a coffee invite one week and a quick shoutout on Twitter or LinkedIn the next week, but no matter what, try to be intentional with every interaction with your network by providing them some sort of value.

Best way to network and own it in 7 days:

Owning your network is not about 'owning' the people in your network, it's more about owning everything you put into it, so that you can then get as much possible out of it. On the flip side, it doesn't mean that this has to suddenly become your full time job (or own you), instead once you have a workflow established for how to best do your outreach to your network, it'll become the easiest part of your day!

Building a habit is no mean feat, but isn't it worth it to start working on that habit now, especially when it's as simple as sending an email or two a day, when it means you grab a few more referrals or new clients this year? Morning coffee and emails sounds like a pretty good start to us, and it may even be true that you're already doing that every morning!

That's why we put together this guide, Own Your Network in 7 Days, with seven steps that you can spread out over a week to set up your Contactually account and start making those crucial moves to owning your network. Just a full week to slowly build up to owning your network without any over those overwhelming feelings!

Here's what we'll answer in this guide:

    • What are the best ways to segment my contacts?

    • How should I organize my contacts?

    • What should I say in my emails?

    • How can I build the best habits to network?

    • How many times should I follow-up?

Ready to get the answers and learn even more about networking in one week?

Download Own Your Network in 7 Days below...