August 02, 2016

[GUIDE] How to Use Pinterest for Your Real Estate Business


Pinterest is a fairly unique social medium. Boasting 100 million active users, Pinterest offers an interface very effective in directing traffic to outside websites. With the ability to organize content into groups within each profile, Pinterest is one of the best ways to draw positive results to your company and its products in a nontraditional way.

As of June 2016, over 2 billion searches are conducted on Pinterest monthly from a wide demographic of users. Isn't that convincing enough to try it out? While you may be unsure how it could positively benefit your real estate business, we'll argue that it's another great way to interact with your clients and potential clients in a more personal way, plus showcase your expertise in different areas outside of real estate. In a world where we constantly connect by sharing recipes or home decorating tips and ideas with our friends, why can't it be any different between you as a real estate agent and your clients?

Your guide for real estate and Pinterest is here!

For those of you new to the world of Pinterest, don't worry, it's easy to get the hang of. Think of Pinterest as your virtual scrapbook. You create 'boards' for different interests or topics, for example 'healthy recipes' or 'home decor' or even 'ideas for kitchen remodel.' As you follow other pinners, which can be people or brands, you can save pins to your different boards. You can also link directly from something you find online, like that new dress you're looking to buy.

The Pinterest posts are called pins, and the groups in which they are organized into on a profile are called boards. Users can follow a profile or just one board in a certain profile. Broadly, liking and reposting a pin are common ways users interact. Pins are images at heart but they can do much more. When creating a pin, there is an option to have a URL, location, and description. These features are necessary to use if you want to get the most out of Pinterest and boost your website traffic.

In terms of marketing, Pinterest not only advertises products and company images, but it can also directly links users to a certain webpage or website. While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others all feature links to outside websites links in profile biographies or posts, Pinterest is the only social medium that does this without showing the link. Essentially every Pinterest posts acts similarly to a real world store window.

If a passing consumer sees a shop window that spurs their curiosity, they will likely go inside the store to see more. The same scenario plays out for a Pinterest user curious about a certain post, and when they click on the image, they are suddenly directed to the website set by the creator of that post. Why not create a 'window' that makes your clients stop and want to come in and learn more about you?

Here's our guide for How to Use Pinterest for Business: