December 30, 2015

fThe #EPIC2016 Relationship Planning Worksheet


Our mission at Contactually is to help relationship-focused professionals expand opportunities through authentic and timely engagement.

We know that the new year is a perfect and oft-used opportunity to reset, set intentions and resolutions, and gear up for the success you want to achieve. In the new year, about 40-50% of us will make resolutions and about 46% of us will actually succeed in those resolutions. So how can you be in that percentage of success? Could you better your network and hit your professional goals at the same time?

Did you know you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University found that more than 70% of participants who wrote down and sent weekly updates to friend were more likely to achieve their goal.

You are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and it's even better if you get narrow and specific. So, with that in mind, we are presenting our #EPIC2016 Relationship Planning Worksheet as your guide for making resolutions for 2016 and you can download it here.

How to fill it out the Relationship Planning Worksheet:

My Professional Goal This Year

What is the top-line goal that will make 2016 a success for you? Is it doubling your customer base? Getting 10 more referrals? Keeping all of your customers?

My Gives

What is the unique knowledge I have that would be valuable to my relationships? Do I know more about DC real estate, startups, hiring, etc than anyone else? Additionally, what do we like to do that could be valuable to others -- is it connecting? Hosting dinners?

My Takes

We all want something, but it's actually surprising how we stumble on this question. Write it down so the moment someone asks you know exactly what to say.

Who Can Help My With My Goal

We meet tons of interesting people, but we have to stay focused on the right relationships. This will enable us to connect our top level goal with the exact types of people who can help us with that goal.

Some Relationships I Need To Work On

Getting one level deeper -- who are the people I should be talking to? Where can I find them?

How I'll Engage

How can I add value to my network? What will I talk about? What will I do to engage with them -- is it meeting for coffee? Organizing dinners? Sending emails and text messages? Think about how you can build a personal relationship, rather than "put them on my newsletter."

My Relationship Time

Recurring calendar appointments are a magical thing. We'll talk more over the course of the year, but one of the best hacks is to set a time in your calendar on a daily or weekly basis that is your time for your relationships. When is that for you?

My Reward

This is a marathon, not a sprint. The payoff from strong relationships may not be visible instantly, so as a patch, what nice thing are we going to earn for focusing on what's important? I, for one, am a HUGE fan of gingerbread hot chocolate. Hrm... maybe I'll go get one...

So grab the worksheet, print it out, and put it next to your desk, mirror, etc. This will serve as a constant reminder of what's important to you this year, not just urgent.

We have a TON more content coming up this year -- if you download the worksheet, you'll definitely hear about the upcoming webinars, blog posts, and other valuable content we're giving out gratis to you. My entire team is here to help you, and hopefully, you'll find becoming part of the Contactually family will help you even further.

From me and the entire Contactually team, Happy New Year!