October 01, 2013

Government Shutdown: DC Startup Asks the Hard Questions


You may have heard in the news that the U.S. government is shutting down, leaving many folks out of their office until Congress decides on a budget. There's a lot you can read out there about what that means, but all the news sites aren't asking any of the tough questions. In between working, sharing gifs, watching kitten and corgi cams in the absence of the panda cam, and Instagramming picturs our dogs, we did ask the hard questions. With 97 percent of NASA on leave, who's watching for asteroids -- or aliens? Or, is Starbucks still open? If so, can I still not bring my gun? We just need to know.

Nick: Does this mean they will literally, or figuratively, do nothing?

Nick needs to know.

Tony: Will John Boehner still be able to afford a spray tan?

Tony cares about you, John.

Susan: WWJD - What Would Jon (Stewart) D0???

What *would* Jon Stewart do?

Ouzy: Who has the best #shutdown happy hour special?

Imbibing. What better thing to do when there's a shutdown?

Tucker: Do I still have to go to work today?

Yes you do, Tucker.

Zvi: Who is watching out for the asteroids?

Good question.

Brian: Is Starbucks still open? And if so, can I bring my gun?

Brian needs his coffee.

Bill: Has the looting started yet?

That's a pretty bike there.

Alexandra: Why are mommy and daddy always fighting?

Fighting in the house of Congress makes Alexandra unhappy :(

Ouzy: When will Pandacam be back on?

We love the corgi and cat cams but it's no panda cam.