August 30, 2016

Get Out The Vote with Contactually


Unless you've been under a well-padded rock with no wifi... you know that we have a major presidential election coming up on November 8th.

We all know how important it is for everyone to have a say in who leads this country, as well as who represents you on a regional, state, and national level. Yet, only 55% of eligible voters voted in 2012.

As civic-minded professionals (we are in DC, after all!), we asked ourselves the same question that many others have - what can we do about it? And we realized, not only do we work with thousands of eligible voters, but they have tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of eligible voters within their networks!

Take Action with Contactually

So I'm here to tell you that Contactually is taking action, and inviting you and your networks to get out the vote this election season.

We have the ability - a civic duty - as connectors to drive action, and encourage our contacts to vote. Not to mention vote ourselves!

In order to assist you with this, we've provided an informative voting email template in our free template library that you can send out to your sphere, either 1-1, or to many contacts at once using our Scalemail tool. Think of it as a valuable experience - you'll be sharing with them one of the most important messages possible: you care about the voting process and you're providing resources to help them vote and get the word out!

Click here to grab our email template from the template library!

By the way, if you're not a Contactually customer yet, please try it out for a couple weeks at no charge and take advantage of the templates within your network!

Rock the vote!

Note: We at Contactually make no endorsement of any political cause, party, or candidate - that's not our business. But we do believe in participating in our democratic processes. As you're encouraging your sphere to vote and educating them about voter registration requirements and deadlines, I recommend you do the same and remain neutral - how we vote as private citizens differs from our civic duty as professionals. The goal is to encourage and educate as many voters as possible to participate, not engage in a political debate!