January 23, 2018

Generating Online Leads for the Real Estate Industry


3 Best Ways to Capture Leads Through Your Real Estate Landing Page

Maintaining a website is work -- that's why your homepage is actually on your broker's site or elsewhere. But if the first page a client sees when searching your name or clicking a link on another site doesn't provide a professional photo and a succinct message about who you are, what you do and how to make contact, you could be losing leads.

A landing page that's embedded in another site doesn't have to be hard to understand. Spend the time to make sure the basics are easy to find and understand. Put in a personal message inviting the client to make contact through email, phone, social networking sites or in person if you have office hours.

1. Display Your Email Address

When reviewing your landing page, make sure your email address is clearly presented. It's not a bad idea to include it twice. Highlight your name and link it to your email, and then type out the address below your name, leaving it unlinked. Why? Some clients prefer to copy and paste, so make it easy for them. Also, provide a few words about what will happen after the client emails -- will you call him or her? Some clients prefer not to talk on the phone, so mention that if a phone call isn't answered, you will email instead. Providing a definite process to potential clients gives them the confidence to contact you instead of a more ambiguous agent.

2. Follow Up and Follow Up Again

Perhaps your good landing page helped a potential client find you, but he's not yet sure about selling a rental property that's barely above water on the mortgage. Use email to keep in touch with him through the years -- electronic birthday cards, holiday wishes, and market update newsletters are effective ways to communicate without being intrusive. You can also personally check in from time to time, letting him know when the value of the rental property has increased. When you keep in touch within your professional boundaries, the chances that you'll win the listing greatly improve.

3. Use a CRM

Keeping track of your contacts is fundamental to success. Invest in a CRM tool such as Contactually.com to stay on top of every contact and follow-up. Use the settings to organize clients' names, addresses, and other important information. Create groups and send out marketing newsletters, greeting cards, and local news -- with your photo, email address and phone number prominently displayed. Use the calendar to set up communications months ahead of time. Saving time means saving money, right? A CRM tool will definitely pay you back and more.