March 29, 2012

Geeky & Fun Desk Accessories

Is your work, or even personal desk really boring? Spruce it up with these fun, geeky desk accessories to help create a fun, and productive workspace:

Social Sticky Notes

These awesome social sticky notes provide a great way to send messages to your co-workers in a fun way. Rather than post on their Facebook wall, post these on your office wall, or your colleagues's desk wall! It's a great alternative to those regular boring yellow stickies.

USB-powered Missile Launcher

Bored at work? Need a fun break? Play with this USB-powered missile launcher to shoot at your colleagues via MSN Messenger! It also comes with a webcam to point and shoot at the right target. Let's take a work break!

Monkey Cable Organizer

Are there wires surrounding your desk? Organize these wires with a Cable Monkey Organizer. Organize your computer cables, printer connections, internet wire, speakers, and other wires by wrapping the monkey cable around it for a fun way to avoid scattered cables around your desk.

USB Flash Drive

Let your inner geek out by having a special USB flash drive with your favorite scientist, or comic superhero. Throw out your old boring flash drive (first transfer your data though!) and choose your favorite icon to make your USB special and unique.



Geeky pillow

Choose your favorite social network, computer lingo, or even a QR code to help support your back while working. There are some great pillow styles to help define your desk, and create a fun atmosphere for your desk. A happy workplace for a happy employee! :)

Need coffee in the morning?

Choose your favorite mug and have your morning coffee in style. Start your day energized with a "like-able" mug to support you! ;)



There are so many more fun, geeky desk accessories to create a fun workspace. A fun work environment will help you take breaks when necessary, and be more productive while working.