May 09, 2014

Free Contactually for LIFE???

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We threw a Contactually party in a parking lot.

A few weeks ago, a customer sent the ONE MILLIONTH follow-up email from Contactually. Obviously, we found this to be a pretty big deal -- and when we realized that the person who'd done it, Al Hallivis, worked in Rockville, MD -- less than an hour away from Contactually HQ -- we knew we had to do something to celebrate with him.

We decided to give Al the best thing we had to offer him... free Contactually for life, and a lot of yelling, screaming, balloons, and Paul Simon music. Successfully duped by the meeting request of Contactually's least well known employee, "Jim Allen", Al was then ambushed by several of Contactually's finest, along with a small dog and an enormous novelty check.

Al had a great time. WE had a great time. Check out the video below, and I'm sure YOU'LL have a great time.

The moral of the story? We really do love our customers, and we're so grateful for how much you guys put into Contactually, that sometimes we just can't help but show it. So keep sending those follow-ups -- and maybe we'll come see you!