February 21, 2014

Four Unorthodox Ways to Increase Productivity

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When you want to get more mileage out of your existing workforce, how can you think outside the box to improve efficiency in your small team? There's approximately one million businesses in the United States with 10 or fewer employees, who altogether account for some $1.5 trillion in sales annually. A Fortune 500 corporation may have the advantages of resources and scale, but a small business can easily change their business structure in order to quickly reap the benefits of new policies.

Get a Game Room

Generating fun and high morale in the office often involves the incorporation of employee hobbies like art or athletics. Turn your break room into a gaming room, however, and you could enjoy plenty of tangible rewards beyond better mood and group dynamics. Gaming is the next big thing on the horizon for the corporate world, as it helps make your employees smarter and better at making decisions. Playing through action games will help you make decisions at a 25% faster clip without sacrificing the quality of the decision itself. Encourage workers to bring their favorite games to the workplace, and your workers will stop struggling or hesitating as they make sales or market products.

Work Away From Work

Everyone knows that you go to the office to get work done, but perhaps there's more to be said for eliminating the four walls of a business. A Gallup survey reports that employees who work remotely will log more hours in their job than those who come to an office for their work. Encourage remote working and telecommuting whenever possible as both reward and incentive. Create cloud computing platforms so that it's possible to send and retrieve documents without needing to log onto an office server from a work computer.

Pay Peter and Paul Without Need for Robbery

Money coming in and money coming out of a business will occupy most of a manager or owner's time. When it comes to the dollar value of each employee, however, there's no need to pour over pay stubs and salary history to know how much you've invested in your workforce. Use a small business payroll service to calculate the daily, monthly, or annual cost of your employees individually and at large. With the numbers in hand, you can see which employees are giving you the best bang for their salary buck.

Put in a Good Word

How well do your customers promote your company's products? In an age where the line between consumer and marketer has become quite blurred, you want to rely on your existing customers to bring in brand-new customers. Small businesses can use relationship return-on-investment protocols in order to determine the dollar value of each new customer. With resources like Contactually, companies can measure and predict how each opportunity pays off for the bottom line. By measuring these statistics, furthermore, companies can strategically determine their next relationship to provide better efficiency for each dollar spent.

Do you have any fun ways to increase productivity? Let us know in comments below!

Dave has met many of his insurance customers through networking events at the chamber of commerce. He has a great handshake.