June 12, 2014

How to write the best follow-up email (now, in poster form!)

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A public service announcement from your favorite CRM

If there's one thing we know at Contactually, it's how to have a productive conference call with a bunch of dogs barking at each other in the background. And if there's another, it's email follow-ups.

In our never ending quest to improve the quantity and quality of useful email correspondence, we've spent time in the past talking about how to do a lot of things better. Organize contacts. Automate common tasks. Streamline your business processes. And of course, write and send better, more consistent follow-up emails.

"But Contactually", you say. "I can't remember all of this information. It's just too valuable and informative, and I'm too busy. I'M NOT A MACHINE."

We understand. And to help, we've assembled a handy, dandy infographic, which you can grab below.

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Does this rich, multi-colored exploration of communication principles inspire you to dig deeper? If so, I highly suggest taking a look at Ouzy's original post on writing great follow-ups, which was the original source of the wisdom above.

Now there's no excuse to write crappy emails! Simply print out our four step guide, stick it above your desk, and attack your follow ups with newfound zeal. You're welcome, Planet Earth.