April 11, 2014

Follow-ups for every problem

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People drift apart. It happens, and while it's a normal part of life, there are plenty of people we wish we'd stayed closer to over the years. In fact, there are even other people who we wished had stayed closer to their personal network of friends and acquaintances. When will that band get back together? Why won't my TV show have that reunion episode? HOW HAVE THEY ALLOWED THINGS TO DETERIORATE SO BADLY???

Never fear, Contactually is here. And today, it's not just here to fix your relationship management problems. It's here to fix... literally anyone's. To the Google!

Hooooo boy -- this is going to be a process. Fortunately, Pipelines aren't just for sales; they're totally customizable and a great way to track every part of your re-courtship, from the initial Facebook-post liking, to your glorious vindication. Plus, in the event you'll be trying to get MULTIPLE people back (by the way, you may have some personal issues to resolve that are outside the scope of this post), Pipelines can help you keep everything straight, so you don't embarrass yourself any more than necessary.

(Also, if this is really going be PERMANENT, follow-ups are going to be a must. Maybe even a Program.)

This is probably a big bucket. Go with Scale Mail, and kill twenty something obscure birds from the 80's with one stone.


See, you're just not connecting, man. You're talking at her, not to her. Personally, I'm a big fan of Article Sharing; there's nothing my wife loves more than knowing I care enough to keep her up to date on the latest House of Cards production challenges. Sharing is caring, and never overbearing. I made that last part up.

I mean, just look at the lyrics.

Talk is cheap.
And it doesn't mean much.
Don't lose touch.
Don't lose touch.
I'm losing touch.
I'm losing touch.

Against Me! is obviously not interested in your mass mailings. They don't respond well to generic correspondence, which means you can't just stick them in a mailing list and expect it to have any impact. Fortunately, Contactually lets you stash them -- and other "high touch" contacts -- in a dedicated bucket. In fact, I think a dedicated Against Me! Email Template may be in order, given how upset they seem. This one is going to take some effort, but hey, if the relationship is important, you should take the time.

Sometimes, the biggest problems are the simplest to solve. Watch and learn.

Just like that -- Pangea. Is there any relationship you can't fix with Contactually?