September 30, 2016

Finding Enthusiasm in Your Business Relationships


Joshua Evans' specialty lies in enthusiasm. Specifically in finding his clients' enthusiasm in both their personal and professional lives, in an effort to improve those lives overall. He works as both a coach and a professional speaker, and maintains his relationships and large network with Contactually.

The cornerstone of his business is building enthusiasm into your life, whether that be helping to develop a small business' culture or coaching his clients one-on-one, Evans and his team coach and train their way into helping you find your passion...and who doesn't want more of that? His story reminds us that although automating part of our business can be crucial to making our lives easier, it should mean that we have more time to spend devoting to building relationships within our network.

Contactually User Interview:

Interview with Joshua Evans:

Contactually: Do you have any Contactually success stories?

Joshua: In being able to reach out and track my engagement with clients, I have saved countless hours in menial work. Being able to personally connect with a larger audience is priceless to my business. I'm able to set up automated processes that allow me to focus the majority of time on my core business. What used to take me 4 days to complete can now be done in a matter of minutes! It's phenomenal!

Contactually: What's a quick pro-tip that you could share with other Contactually users?

Joshua: Always track opening and click rates [for emails]! This will give you a much better understanding of how to best position your company for maximum engagement.

Contactually: How important are relationships to your business?

Joshua: Hugely important! My business wouldn't exist without relationships! Relationships are the entire basis of me business. People hire me because they trust me and the message I bring to the table. Being able to share that message on a broad scale and still in a personal way means that I can connect more genuinely with every potential client. I can craft a fantastic email and personalize it for every person I want to reach out to. No only does this give me the ability to maintain and culture meaningful dialogue with my clientele, it guarantees that I can be focused in how I engage them.

Referrals are a huge part of my business and the better I maintain my network, the more referrals I receive. While the nuances of referral hand-off are still fragile, I am able to track, build, and maintain the old and new relationships as interactions take place. It's like having an intuitive administrative assistant that keeps amazing notes.

Contactually: How do you nurture your network and relationships?

Joshua: Being fully engaged! The time you spend authentically connecting with your network is well invested! By being fully engaged, I am specifically focusing on how quickly and timely I interact with my network. Many times things can be lost in the fray of day to day operations. With Contactually, I can automate reminders that help to highlight necessary actions on my part. Nurturing my clients is not just about contacting them, it is about know how and when they want to be contacted. Having a smart system for this only strengthens my ability to serve my network.

Contactually: Tell us about a relationship you've built or nurtured using Contactually

Joshua: One particular relationship has yielded not only a lucrative business relationship, but a true friendship where we can share insights and business opportunities. This never would have happened without Contactually's help!

Contactually: Anything else you want to share about your Contactually experience?

Joshua: It has been stellar! The learning curve is only a small hurdle once you see the huge benefits it has to your business and your clientele.

Turning Relationships into Results...and Friendships

For those of us who may run a business that relies on referrals, Josh's story is proof that building strong relationships are the basis of grabbing those crucial referrals. If you need a little more enthusiasm in your life, then check out Josh! Give him a follow on Twitter and check out his book for yourself. You might just be inspired to start finding the enthusiasm in your own relationships and business network as you build up your business!