August 18, 2016

Feature Update: Powerful Search With Custom Fields


As your network grows...

Your real estate business is rapidly growing. You're meeting new clients, gaining more referrals and generating new business like never before. With a growing book of business you're more likely to overlook some of your most valuable connections. It becomes increasingly difficult to sift through your database to find just the right ones at the right moment.

Contactually's custom field search allows you to instantly filter through your database to find the right person or population. Quickly cover all areas of your growing database and ensure you don't overlook anyone vital to your real estate business.


Easily identify important relationships

Remember the Ravens fans you met at the 123 Sesame Street open house? They mentioned they'd be ready to purchase within the next month, but you can't remember their name. Use the notes you took on their football preferences to find them within your contacts and help them buy their next home.

It's now easy to identify key relationships, then follow up in order to stay connected and grow your long-lasting connections. Add any custom field to the search facet and begin filtering immediately. Cover more ground faster searching through the specific custom fields that mean more to your business and the way you operate.

Complex search made easy

To narrow down your target audience, it sometimes takes a little more than a quick search. Couple as many parameters as you want in order to find the niche in your database that you'd like to message or update. From buckets and tags, to phone numbers and zip codes add more search criteria to quickly define your audience.

If things get too complicated, easily clear all of the search terms, or clear them one-by-one to broaden your population. The sleek new interface let's you know exactly who you're searching for, so you or your contacts never 'get lost' in your growing database.

Look out for more to come

Our new, powerful search tools allow agents to identify, follow up, and close more deals than ever before. With custom field search, you'll be able to build an audience based on criteria specific to your real estate business and the way you operate.

This is something we've heard time and again, and we're proud to move forward with updates that directly impact the voice of our users. We're always looking to improve our experience and we'd love to hear your feedback -- submit ideas directly to our ideas forum.