September 29, 2016

Everyday Holidays to Use in Your Marketing


Here at Contactually, we're well aware that it's #NationalCoffeeDay [?][?] ...although if we're being honest, almost every day here is Coffee Day. And yes, that's capitalized, we love our coffee. But while you scroll through your social media feeds, or see the hashtag trending on the sidebar of your Twitter homepage, do you think twice about how these 'special' holidays come into being, and how you could possibly utilize them for your own marketing?

We'll all agree that your network is a group of people that need to hear from you on a fairly regular basis in order for you to stay top of mind with them, right? But, if this group of people aren't ones that you're currently doing business with or are friends that you don't see each and every weekend, you may find it difficult to come up with something to build a conversation or even a quick email around when you go to reach out to them. Thanks to social media, we've all become very aware of all these special days and as the National Day Calendar website points out, it gives us a reason to celebrate even the littlest things on each and every day of the year.

[caption id="attachment_7586" align="aligncenter" width="745"] The first week of October's 'National Days'[/caption]

But doesn't it also give you a very good reason on nearly every day of the year to reach out to your network, to those long-forgotten friends, or cold leads? If you're looking to stay top of mind in a thoughtful, fun and creative way with our network, we'll break down a few of these special days in different ways to get your contacts' attention and get them to remember you in the best, most positive way possible...because who doesn't want to celebrate National Coffee Day?

Start creating your marketing holidays:

Top-of-Mind Networking:

Staying top-of-mind with our networks is something we all struggle with, and some days it feels like just another chore we need to check off of our list without putting much thought into the importance of why we're doing it. But in a world where real estate agents report that 49% of their business will come from referrals and 83% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and families over advertisements, wouldn't it mean that making a good impression on your network should be a top priority of yours, day in and day out? But sending that same stale 'checking in' email isn't fun for you and it's definitely not fun or intriguing for your contacts on the receiving end of that email.

So, we thought we'd propose the idea of utilizing the wacky calendar of national days of celebration as a great excuse to do some simple outreach that will catch your network's attention that goes well beyond the 'regular' holidays we're accustomed to. Okay, we'll admit it, some of these 'holidays' are a bit...out there. But they're nothing if not quirky and memorable and can certainly be tailored to fit you, your business, and the interests of the contacts in your network.

September 29: National Coffee Day

We couldn't let this one go by without giving you a few ideas to take advantage of it next year when it rolls around. Since it's one of the more popular ones and as we mentioned, it's all over on social media, it's a good chance to flex those tweeting muscles of yours and show off your celebration of #NationalCoffeeDay. It could be as easy as giving a shout out to your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, a picture of you and your morning coffee routine or even a coffee 'selfie.' You know the one's we're talking about, the classic picture of a hand holding a coffee cup out with a slightly blurred scenic background. This is a great chance to get your name out there in a positive and fun way that your social media connections may connect with you over.

Want to go beyond a quick tweet or two? Use it as a great excuse to send invites out for some overdue coffee dates in both your professional and personal spheres. Reach out to those folks you've been meaning to reach out to with a quick email and see when they'll be available for coffee, because hey, it's always national coffee day in your book! For our real estate friends, this could be a good chance to shoot an email out to some past clients who recently bought homes and share with them your favorite coffee shops in their new neighborhood. It feels far more personal than the 'new home check-in' email and it shares some information they'll actually be interested in learning. What better way to connect and bond than over coffee?

October 1: National Homemade Cookies Day

Much like coffee, who can resist cookies? Beyond giving you a great excuse to pay some quick visits to your clients with a batch of fresh cookies in a friendly face-to-face form of networking, this special holiday offers up plenty of options for outreach to some of your favorite contacts, clients, and customers. Plus, all those cold leads you've been working on might just be won over with a fresh batch of homemade cookies.

Real estate agents, why not arrange a fun neighborhood cookie swap? If you focus on a particular local area, it could be a great way to get your past clients together, and have them invite their friends and neighbors as well. Everyone loves a good cookie swap and there's no better time to do it than just as the weather is starting to get cooler and well before the holidays when people's schedules start to really fill up. It's a great way to get people together and it's an even better way to get to know potential referrals or leads in a casual and fun way.

Not into the cookie swap? Go ahead and send out an email blast with your favorite cookie recipe...or two. It's an easy way to connect with your network without giving them the hard sell or requiring any sort of response. Unless of course you're asking them for their own favorite cookie recipe!

November 29: National Day of Giving #GivingTuesday

Traditionally, this goes down the Tuesday after a follow-up to the slightly consumer-based days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keeps things balanced, right? The idea behind Giving Tuesday is exactly that, finding some balance in the shopping mayhem that generally follows Thanksgiving - and in some cases on to Thanksgiving day - and doing a little good in response to spending all that cash in the mall. Too often, our email inboxes are flooded with Thanksgiving marketing campaigns and there's a good chance any outreach attempts you make that day will be lost in the shuffle. Stand out from the crowd with a more charitable approach to your marketing.

Challenge your network to do some giving themselves via social media or email and in turn share a few of your favorite charities that you'll be supporting for #GivingTuesday. It's a great way to highlight local charities for those in your network who may be new to the area or different local places - like soup kitchens - that are always looking for volunteers. It may be hard to spin this into a selling point for you and your business, but it's certainly a great way to stand out and make a positive and memorable impression on your network, which in turn impacts your future and prospective business.

Start Celebrating the little things

Check out the National Day Calendar yourself and start celebrating the little things each and everyday with us. Share the celebration with your network and you may just find that it's one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind with your contacts. We all know the importance of staying fresh in the minds of your network, whether it's your professional or personal network, and often that outreach can fall through the cracks.

Spend some time with the National Day Calendar and plan out a day each month where you can schedule some outreach. Even if it's a few simple tweets or a quick email blast, your clients and friends will appreciate the thoughtful, relevant outreach, especially if it's tailored to them and their likes.

What's your favorite daily holiday to celebrate and how do you show it some love? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter or in the comments below, we love a good networking tip or two, especially when it's a creative or funny one!