January 27, 2012

Essential Tips for Closing Deals


If you have pursued a career in Real Estate, Sales, or are a Business owner, you know that it takes a lot of effort and skill to close deals with your clients. And if you don't close deals, well, you simply don't make any money. So, how exactly should you be closing a deal?

  • Don't think of closing the deal as the end. Although it may seem as if the process is over with the deal closed, it really isn't. It simply means moving forward to the next step of the sales process. And once you have completely closed out, there's the follow up process. Basically, it's an ongoing process you have to keep up with regularly to build a long-term client relationship.

  • Use an online CRM to track your deals. All forms of communication are used to make a deal, so make sure you are synced up between your emails, phone calls, as well as your voicemails. You must have an organized system to help you along the way from finding a prospect to closing the deal to following up.

  • Stay positive throughout the entire process. So what if the deal didn't go through? Be optimistic and learn from your mistakes. Failure gives you a chance to start fresh, and make improvements in your entire process. You are able to analyze each step you took, and see where you can change the way you interacted with the client. Make failure a reason to close the deal successfully next time. And if you follow-up effectively, you may even have another chance to close the deal with a client who once said no to you.

  • Set specific objectives that can be easily assessed and measured. By having an objective for the process, you have a better sense of direction, and know what needs to be done each step of the way to close a deal. If the deal doesn't go through, at least you'll know which step may have had an ambiguous objective, and you could improve your approach next time.

What strategies do you use to close your deals?