December 30, 2014

Your Year in Email: Introducing Our Email Report Card App


When was the last time you checked your inbox? I think I can make a safe bet that you did it at least 10 seconds ago (or just now with me just mentioning the word inbox, you probably couldn't help yourself).

I think I can also make a fair assumption that everyone is pretty good about checking their emails, but when it comes to responses, how to respond, and the maintenance of our contact bases, we start to fall off course. So really, how well are you doing with your email?

Introducing Our Email Report Card App

That's where we, Contactually, come in. Today we're launching our 2014 Email Report Card to give you even more insight into your email and just how well you did in 2014 with your inbox.

We're reviewing your 2014 year in email and tell you if you are an A+ email wiz or if you're falling a little short. From the mood of your emails to your most popular subject lines, we'll tell you where you are kicking butt and where you could improve to be even more effective with your email.

Get your own results with our Email Report Card App