April 05, 2012

Email reminders are your friend


for-get-ful-ness |f@r'getf@ln@s| - def., lapse of memory.

It happens to the best of us. According to studies, as time advances, we exponentially forget less and less of something we may have just learned. Without a refresher, the average human can forget 50-80 percent of what they just learned within a day. Combating our natural tendency to forget is the biggest hurdle, but it's not all that difficult to find ways to help you remember. However messy, it can as easy as making use of oodles of Post-It notes. We wouldn't necessarily suggest going down that route, but we certainly won't stop you.

We will, however, suggest going with email reminders. It's not as environmentally wasteful or as colorful as Post-Its, but it is significantly more useful -- particularly for those living out of their inbox.

From calendar appointments to general tasks, email reminders can make sure you don't fall victim to the infamous "Curve of Forgetting."

For those using Google Calendar (or any other calendar for that matter), adding a reminder for anything you need to remember is incredibly easy.

The option to add reminders is available right under the event description when adding a new calendar event. The wonderful thing about this feature is that it can set a reminder from one minute later to anytime in the future, no matter how far.

But how do you remind yourself to email people? Sure, this system will work, but what do you do when your contact list balloons to numbers in the thousands, if not higher?

Luckily, CRMs exist just for that reason, and what we do here at Contactually is try to make this as seamless and as easy as possible. You don't have to remember to send Caroline Contact an email because Contactually will remind you to do so. If you need to follow up with Ms. Contact, you can do so right there. If not, skip it and move on to the next one. Maybe it slipped your mind that Cedric Contact (of no relation) needs to be followed up with as well.

Contactually helps minimize the Curve of Forgetting to Follow Up.

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