September 21, 2016

[EBOOK] The Brokerage Recruiting Playbook


Over the course of several months, Contactually interviewed over 150 top-tier brokerages across the United States. The biggest takeaway from these interviews? Recruiting top agents and then retaining them in the brokerage is one of the top evergreen priorities at nearly every brokerage we spoke with.

As we found, there's no easy or one-stop solution to solving this problem, rather it's all about creating a more informed strategy based on yours and your brokerage's needs. Exactly figuring out that strategy for recruiting can be the hardest part, and what may in fact be setting you back the most when it comes to actually finding and retaining the best agents. As we interviewed all of those brokers, a few themes began to emerge and our Recruiting Playbook was born.

Our goal here wasn't to provide that one-stop simple solution for each and every brokerage looking to recruit and retain better agents, instead we wanted to provide the strategies that allow you and your brokerage to discover the best way for achieving that ultimate goal of retaining the best agents for as long as possible. With an easy to follow progression, from identifying the strategy that's best for you based on your priorities, to a worksheet you can fill out yourself to understand the metrics you need to measure your recruiting goals by, the playbook is sure to start you in the right direction of achieving that 2016 goal at the top of all brokers' minds.

How to Recruit Real Estate Agents:

Are you looking to recruit agents to fill a certain amount of seats? Or perhaps you're looking to hit a particular production goal? These are two of the first questions the Playbook will ask you to think about in order to best inform your strategizing. Don't worry if you're not entirely sure where you fall on the spectrum, the Playbook will guide you through it and even fill out a simple worksheet that helps with all the behind-the-scene metrics and goal numbers you might have conveniently forgotten about.

With advice from nearly 200 brokers, you're bound to find at least a few quotes in there that resonate with you as you move through the eBook and better understand the strategies needed to achieve all of your recruiting goals. Plus, no two recruiting processes are alike, and they're often apt to change with time, it's never a bad idea to understand what others in the industry are doing and possibly even hop on the latest trends. Hello, social media! Learn how to meet the high expectations of agents and when you should be careful of over-promising the 'dream package' in your brokerage.

Download your copy today!

Fill out the worksheet and start strategizing your way to a better recruiting process. You and your brokerage will be better (and happier) for it, and more importantly retaining more agents in the long run. Ready? Go ahead and download it and share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook with us...and go ahead and share it with other brokers who may find it handy as well.