January 15, 2016

[EBOOK] The 5x5 Guide: 20 Five Minute Tips


There are plenty times throughout the week where we're wishing there were more hours in the day. Sometimes it feels like we just don't have enough time to get through everything on our plate at work...let alone keep up with friends, family, oh and sleep at night! How can we remedy this?

Unfortunately we can't gift you more time, even though we wish we could, but we can share some of our favorite hacks with you to get through the day in a more productive way.

How to boost your network in 5 minutes...

Do you have five minutes? You probably do...and you probably waste more than five minutes during the average workday on things that aren't really work. Studies have shown that only 60% of the average workday is actually productive. That can't be good. Between the near constant barrage of emails, to the interruptions from co-workers every few minutes, it's easy to see how it feels like all of a sudden your day is over, and you hardly got anything productive done!

But we digress. Back to those crucial five minutes. We revamped some of our most popular blog posts from 2015 with handy five minute hacks to get you through some of those key daily tasks that often get forgotten, left by the wayside, or ignored because they're not the most fun thing to get done. For example, when was the last time you sent a follow-up email, or thanked your clients or even organized your contacts?

Sure, they aren't something you think to do everyday, but wouldn't it be helpful if you had a few minutes to do them at least once a week? That's why we put together this guide. Your percentage of productivity during your day may just go up, and at the end of the day these practices are better for your business too.

Block off 5 minutes on your calendar and...