January 03, 2019

Don't Let Your Contacts Fall Through the Cracks


Key Takeaways

  • Following up is critical; your contacts require frequent touches to stay engaged
  • Leads and clients often go cold because agents waited too long to reach out
  • Follow up with your clients using their preferred method of communication, and build a robust list of reasons to reach out so you always have something to say

At Contactually, we work with thousands of real estate agents. We know it takes multiple touch-points to convert a lead, to reach a current client, and to stay connected to your sphere. Leads and clients go cold for many reasons: they might have found another agent, decided not to sell/buy, were only available at times that didn’t fit with your schedule — or maybe you simply waited too long to get back to them!

Don’t let your contacts fall through the cracks. Stay top of mind by setting follow-up reminders and sending personalized, automated campaigns to keep in touch.

What Agents Tell Us

We asked about 100 agents to tell us how many touchpoints it takes for them to reach a contact, based on the 4 relationship types below. Not surprising, agents tell us it takes more touches to reach a new lead, with an average total of 5 touches. But even current clients require an average of 2 touches.

Note: touchpoints include all channels (email, text, phone, visits, etc.)
Chart shows self-reported average

Tips for Following Up

So how you can best build a strategy for reaching out to these different relationships?

A new lead: Video! Video is personal, shows your personality, and can help make a connection with people that don’t know you well. Setting up a Program to qualify new leads can help you automate this process.

A new client: Once you have developed the relationship with a contact, you should know their preferred method of communication — if they prefer text, then you should text! You should always ask what their preferred communication is as soon as you start working together.

A past client: It is important to stay in close touch after the transaction. Check in with them 30 days post-closing to see how the move went, 6 months to see how they are settling in etc. You should also check in each year on their home anniversary — "Time flies! I cannot believe it's been 2 years since you moved into your home.”

Someone in your sphere you haven’t talked to 1+ year: Don’t overthink it! Most people in your Sphere are just as busy as you are. Sending a quick email saying, “I was thinking about you the other day and wanted to say hello! I know it’s been a while since I have seen you- would love to grab coffee soon and catch up!”


If you’re looking for a platform for you or your agents to best stay connected to your networks, check out Contactually. From prioritizing relationships to automating communications, plus a dashboard that helps you identify relationships most in need of attention, Contactually helps you make the most of your relationships and your time.