December 04, 2012

Digging Into Data: How Do Contactually Users Followup with Contacts?


It's been a few months since we've done one of these stat check-ins, so we feel like it's time to dig in once more. Since July, we rolled out Outlook support, built email templates, and went through a hurricane. However, in that same time, we did see a healthy adoption of Contactually for people who have some desire to followup -- especially in the real estate field.

When we last visited this topic, we took a look at the breakdown of users by operating system and by browser. As far as browsers went, Chrome was the overwhelming favorite. Conversely, the difference in operating systems was a lot closer: Windows had 48 percent of the pie and Mac OS had 46 percent.

As previously mentioned, we became very popular among realtors, who primarily use Windows, so things look a little different now.

    • Windows users now represent 53 percent of our users while Mac users represent 41 percent.

    • The big players on the browser still haven't changed. Chrome is still used by 74 percent of our users, and both Firefox and Safari ring in at 11 percent each. Again, Microsoft saw a gain with Internet Explorer taking up 3 percent of our user base (up from 2 percent).

However, the more important statistic is how do people email? For as long as I can remember, there have been plenty of infographics and graphs informing you as to when the perfect time is to send an email, each with varying verdicts. However, it looks like the best time to send an email is sometime in the afternoon. And if we take a look at how our users followup with contacts, that makes sense. Fewer followups are sent after noon than they are before noon, assuming a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. And fewer emails and followups sent means fewer received, and that means more time to respond to messages.

In addition to that, here are a few interesting factoids:

    • 90 percent of followups happen Monday through Friday.

    • 60 percent of daily followups occur between 9 am and 5 pm.

    • A whopping 31 percent of daily followups occur between 9 am and noon.

    • The most followups are sent Monday and Tuesday, with the latter being slightly more.

    • It's not surprising that a majority of our users are U.S.-based (66 percent). The top five is rounded out by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

    • If we zoom into the map a little bit, our largest market is New York City with almost 6 percent of users. Next, are Washington, DC (woot!) and London each with 2.75 percent of our user base.

How do you relate? Are you one of those few incredible 3 a.m. emailers (I'm looking at you, Zvi)? Or are you one of our many Chrome users? Let us know!