June 29, 2012

Designing for first impressions

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How to Design a Getting Started Process, Michael Fern with Intigi

Hats off to the Contactually team for designing a brilliant getting started process. While it looks like Contactually is still in "Beta," this process suggests the startup has a very bright future in the CRM market.

A really good breakdown of getting started with Contactually. Notably, Michael Fern decided to focus on the getting started process (which, in and of itself, is different), and that's really refreshing. It's a great read.

The getting started process for an application is critical because it's likely the first real experience that users have with your product or service. It's also the first and possibly only opportunity to provide some meaningful value to new users, so they're convinced to continue to engage with your company. The getting started process has to provide value in as little time as possible. You probably have under a few minutes before users give up and go elsewhere, never to return.