June 25, 2012

DC Tech as muppets: Zvi Band is a natural Kermit


In The Capital in a post exploring the DC tech scene counterparts of the Muppets:
Zvi is a nice guy, who is great at organizing the community around him, and has become one of the biggest names and figures in D.C. Tech, so it only makes sense that he is our Kermit. Considered to be one of the Order Muppets, Kermit doesn't hog the limelight but rather shares it with the Sesame Street community, something Zvi definitely does with D.C. Tech. Over the past few years Zvi and others have done a lot to share our amazing startup scene with the rest of the world, investing a lot of personal effort and time to ensuring that D.C.'s Tech scene receives some well-deserved recognition.

The resemblance is striking.