July 19, 2016

Contactually Customer Interview with Kaytlin Hughes


Entering the wild world of Real Estate is no mean feat, but Kaytlin Hughes has jumped in feet first as a fresh, young real estate agent in Utah. While getting started, she's found one of her secrets to success has been keeping in consistent touch with her clients and prospective clients. By designing an intense 7 day program that allows her to reach out across email and text message and truly stay top-of-mind, to sending out personalized Scalemail for a holiday weekend, Kaytlin has all but conquered the art of staying in touch.

Looking for some new tips and tricks for making sure your clients remember you? Read on, you're sure to glean some wisdom from this brand new agent! 

Interview with Kaytlin Hughes:

Contactually: What is your primary goal with Contactually?

Kaytlin: To have an organized database where I can communicate with my contacts consistently and effectively to build my business.

Contactually: Do you have any Contactually success stories?

Kaytlin: In July I sent out a Happy 4th email. I used ScaleMail to send customized emails to individuals in my database. I received responses from friends that didn't even know I was in real estate and they offered their excitement and support for me. I also received two emails from leads that decided it was time to start moving forward with their real estate goals! It took about 30 minutes of my time and I scheduled two meetings!

Contactually: What's a quick pro-tip that you could share with other Contactually users?

Kaytlin: If you are using the email templates, go through and make sure you know what they say. You can change a word or two and make the email sound like you. Or you can create completely new templates. It's fast and easy to do and will make emailing even more productive!

Contactually: Do you have any tips for users who are just getting started with Contactually?

Kaytlin: When organizing your contacts check the boxes next to several similar contacts and place them in the same bucket all at one time. It saves a ton of time!

Contactually: How do you nurture your network and relationships?

Kaytlin: I use the programs! I developed a program for new leads that I receive. It is an intensive 7 day plan that includes multiple touches a day. Before Contactually, I would forget or miss a day. Now I am reminded daily to call, text, and email those clients. I don't miss a day because Contactually holds me accountable.

Contactually: Tell us about a relationship you've built or nurtured using Contactually

Kaytlin: When I first synced my contacts, Contactually notified me that I hadn't touched base with a potential client in over four weeks. I was able to use an email template and get back in touch with the client. We are now in communication and moving forward with his real estate needs!

Contactually: Anything else you want to share about your Contactually experience?

Kaytlin: This is the third CRM I have tried. The interface makes me want to use it and adding contacts is easier than any other system I have used. The tech staff is quick to respond, very helpful, and personable. It is comforting to know they care and want to help you!

Make your connections:

As Kaytlin pointed out, it was staying in regular touch with her clients and her greater network that has helped to build her real estate business quickly and productively. Check Kaytlin's page on Facebook to see how she uses social media to keep her clients and future clients in the loop with what she's working on!

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