November 23, 2017

Creating Joy Through Working Relationships, with Shaa Wasmund


Relationships are arguably the most important aspect of any business but they are sadly misused. Even if a relationship is effective and profitable, you may be doing it wrong and thus hurting your future success. On today’s episode of Real Relationships I welcome Shaa Wasmund, she is a successful businesswoman and a master of relationships. We will dive deep into why going about your working relationships wrongly can be detrimental and how you can make sure you are getting the most out of them.

Your working relationships can have a broader effect than you may realize

When Shaa was writing an article for Cosmopolitan magazine she saw first hand how relationships, when used correctly, can have huge impacts on everyone in your circle. In a moment of excitement and unchecked ambition she went over the editor’s head and scheduled an interview with the current middleweight boxing champion without approval. Instead of bringing about painful consequences the situation left Shaa free of student debt and with new contacts. Make sure you listen to this episode to hear exactly what happened.

If your working relationships don’t bring you joy then they are not right for your business

Joy is a pivotal aspect of our lives. Without it even the most important tasks become unbearable. My guest Shaa Wasmund explains in this episode of Real Relationships why your business relationships must first bring you personal joy before they bring you profit. This episode with packed with Shaa’s helpful tips and tricks on how you can make sure you keep your life joyful.

Don’t build a business relationship with someone you wouldn’t want as a friend

Many of us compartmentalize our work and personal life. In many scenarios this is a good thing, but not in the area of relationships. According to Shaa Wasmund, you shouldn’t have a business relationship with someone if they are not the kind of person you would like as a friend, regardless of how much money they might bring your business. Your relationships need to inspire you, motivate you, and fill you with joy each day to get out of bed and tackle what lies before you. If your relationships are not also friendships you won't have that motivation. Listen to this episode to learn from Shaa what you should do if a business relationship does not bring you joy.

Working relationships with friends will bring your business new life

If the only people you grow business relationships with are people you enjoy and would hang out with outside of the workplace then it is safe to say they are your friends. My guest on this episode argues that relationships with these kinds of friends can bring new life to your business by revitalizing you and giving you joy. We all know what it feels like to be sucked dry by our work relationships. If you follow the advice Shaa give in this episode you won’t have to worry about that and your business will flourish as a result.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:25] Intro to Shaa Wasmund
  • [1:23] I dig into why relationships are such an important part of Shaa’s Business
  • [3:00] Shaa tells us how she learned to build relationships
  • [6:23] The idea of the “Freedom Business”
  • [6:36] How can we stand out in a sea of so many relationships?
  • [7:52] Don’t build relationships with people who you wouldn’t want a friendship with
  • [10:20] Shaa talks about how taxing relationships can be when your heart's not in it
  • [12:01] Focusing on your personal happiness in your business will bring it new life

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