June 16, 2017

Content is the Key: Content Distribution and You


To some, content may be king but to marketers, content is simply a way of life. It has the ability to set you apart from other companies, mark you as an industry expert, and create new business opportunities. With approximately 88% of marketers incorporating content marketing in their overall strategy, it's evident that content is taking over, and can no longer be ignored - which is why we've created a new blog series around it! From how-to's to infographics, we're expanding upon what content is, all that it does, and how it can help your business grow. Ready to become a content expert?

Check out Content 101 and then read below to see the first post in our series, Content is the Key:

Why is Content Distribution Important Anyway?

Although content itself is incredibly important, it's only about half the battle. You can create content of the highest quality, but if it isn't properly distributed, it's nearly useless.

The truth is that your targeted audience isn't likely to just stumble upon your content and become a loyal follower and, unless it's on the first page of your Google search results, they probably will never hear about you. In fact, less than 10% of people go past the first page, which means that you can't rely on search engines to drive your traffic. And although there are plenty of other distribution methods, each moment, there are approximately....

    • 1400 new blog posts


    • 216,000 new Instagram posts,


    • 72 hours of new video on Youtube


    • 277,000 new Tweets

... which means that if you do not have a strategy to actively try to put your content in the right hands, it will almost never get there. As a result, you need to take the initiative and master various methods of distribution to ensure that you are attracting your target audience and utilizing the most popular platforms.

Read on the learn more about the best content distribution methods and recommended tools!

Content is Key...for Real Estate Agents!

We know that real estate agents are extremely busy and that content creation might be at the bottom of the list - but we promise once you start it will be worth it.

A large majority, 90%, of homebuyers are browsing the internet to find information during their house hunt. Whether it be searching for a realtor, new homes on the market, or information on a neighborhood, homebuyers are using the internet as a primary source for information.

Agents have the ability to fulfill this need by producing unique pieces of content such as virtual home tours, custom neighborhood profiles, or insightful blog posts, which will attract customers and increase transactions. Agents, it's time to start creating!


Social Media

As with many questions in the digital age, social media is the answer. Content distribution is reliant on social media and online engagement such as likes, follows, comments, and shares. With approximately 81% of the U.S. population using social media, it is clear that social media plays a large part in the way that people receive their information. As a result, it is important to be active and engaged on social media so that you can offer unique and applicable content to followers.

Recommended Tool:


AddThis is the perfect application to ensure that you're providing your audience with the necessary tools to engage with your content. It allows you install follow buttons, connect to various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and engage readers by presenting them with your most popular content.

Forums and Q&A's:

According to Content 101, in order for your content to stand out, it must answer a question or a specific need. Internet forums and Q&A sites are the ideal places for people to post questions - which also makes them the ideal place for you to post answers! If people enjoy the content presented to them, they will actively seek out your content on their own. By properly engaging these communities, you will increase your brand recognition, website traffic, and credibility.

In addition to answering questions, these websites serve as a research tool. Don't know what to write about next? Unsure of the trending topics? No worries! It's easy to browse and gain an understanding of what questions have yet to be answered - which could be the topic of your next post!

Recommended Tool:


Trello is an application that allows you to perfect your content calendar. With features such as various boards, moveable content cards, and a listing option to keep your ideas readily available, Trello will help visualize you what is coming down the pipeline to keep you on schedule. It will also allow you to alert your readers of what's coming up next and see what you've already created.


Email campaigns are an efficient way to distribute your content, especially if you utilize forms of communication, like weekly newsletters, that require a subscription. This allows for a personalized distribution method, which loyal customers oftentimes enjoy. They are the ones to that are first notified when there's new content or more detailed information about a product or service.

Recommended Tool:


Goodbits allows you to quickly and efficiently craft an email from you pre-existing content and distribute it to your subscribers. You can schedule emails, customize your layout, and see which campaigns are the best.


When it comes to distribution, more is better. If more people are distributing your content, then more people are talking about you, which means brand recognition and website traffic increase!

We often turn to influencers, reputable experts who leverage their online presence to influence others, to accomplish this goal. They share, comment on, and distribute content to their personal networks, which oftentimes leads to new followers and customers.

Recommended Tool:


Traackr's overall goal is to help to improve your overall influencer efforts. It allows you to track conversations, determines the appropriate time to connect, and quantify the your influencer efforts through various metrics.

Our Advice...

Content distribution is one of the many components of a well-rounded and diverse marketing strategy for almost every professional field. By having a strategy that includes content creation and distribution, you are able to diversify your company, mark yourself as an industry expert, and create new business opportunities.

In order to accomplish this, we recommend you take advantage of the endless methods of content distribution in order to maximize your reach. By using any combination of social media, email marketing, and online tools, you can achieve a unique and effective distribution strategy.

Have any distribution ideas we didn't mention? Let us know on Twitter!