August 27, 2015

Share Content With Your Team Using Team Libraries


Content Libraries unlock high quality content and systems.

A few weeks ago, we launched Content Libraries. They let you instantly access and activate pre-made content and systems throughout Contactually

We know that teams have their own ways of communicating, managing deal flow, and collaborating. For that reason, we're excited to announce that teams can now curate and share their own high quality content using Team Libraries.

Content Libraries made getting started with Contactually easier. We curated Buckets, Email Templates, Programs, and Pipelines then made adding them to your account as simple as clicking a button. The first version of the library answered the important question of "How should I setup my account?" Now, your team can share unique content and specific strategies with the newly added team functionality.

Why Share?

Imagine being the CEO of Contactually for a second.

Curate and pre-set Buckets, Email Templates, Pipelines, and Programs using the Team Library. When a new team member joins the company, that content will be automatically loaded into their account so the team can start following up and impacting the business right away.

Sometimes specific content may not be the right fit for every team member. Your business development team might have different needs than your marketing team. With the Team Library, one can categorize content based on the group that would find it valuable.

It's simple: team libraries allow teams to scale successfully. They make it easy to add on new employees and get them started right away with preset options. They also make it effortless to share best practices amongst a team to drive more results.

How do Contactually's Team Libraries work?

Preset Content

As an admin of a team, you can easily preset content by navigating to your library. Simply move the preset toggle to the right and then when a new user is added to your team, they'll automatically get the preset content in their accounts.

When adding a new template, you can also click on the box that says, "Include as a preset in new accounts."

Share Content With Existing Team Members

From the library page, you have the option to "share" content with the entire team. Click the share button next to the content, then click "OK." Magic! The content will instantly appear in each team member's account so they can start using it!

Categorizing Content

Label new content so it's easier for your team to find what's most relevant to them. Team members can add relevant content to their account by filtering each category, with just a few clicks.

Why Is This Important?

Imagine a world where...

    • You can reproduce the best performer's strategies for your entire team;

    • Your team can test communication strategies through your users and their networks;

    • You can onboard a new team member in just a few minutes;

    • You can find the best practices to adopt for your business through a curated library; and much more!

Well, now you can.