April 01, 2015

Contactually's Newest Feature: Pupmail


Have you felt the anxiety that comes just before you hit the send button on an email? Or the writer's block that you may face when you can't just convey the right words when you are emailing someone? Do you sound like you're just barking at someone in an email you just wrote?

Ok, maybe the barking isn't so bad...

But what if you could transcend boring text on a page and really capture the essence of your message? What if your friend could peer into your eyes, see your soul, and understand the true intention of the email you sent? What if that email came from a cuddly, lovable, slobbery, furry creature that no one could refuse?

No need to have your tail in between your legs because we have the answer. Here at Contactually, we've been hard at work over the last months putting together our newest feature -- Pupmail. After looking at our resources and mandog-power, we knew we could release this awesome feature this month that can convey the right message at the right time through some Contactually pups. And these just aren't any pups. These are the Contactually pack -- our office dogs that share the space with the rest of the Contactually team every day. They understand our customers better than anyone else, and are experts in the art of crafting authentic, personalized barks emails. Here's our starting lineup for Pupmail:

Get your tails wagging -- here's how you can send a Pupmail:

    1. Tell us who you want to email.

    1. Write a quick message

    1. Our pups will get their paws on the keys and read the message aloud (we'll be recording this!)

    1. We send that video message to your friend.

    1. PROFIT, BENEFITS, AND TREATS (Treats may just be for the dogs)

What types of messages can you send a Pupmail for?

    • Checking in with an old college buddy

    • Wishing a friend happy birthday

    • Closing that sales lead that just won't return your calls

    • Applying for a new job

    • Breaking up with a significant other

Basically, if the job calls for standing out and bringing your A game, you want to send a PupMail.

Ready to go? Click here to send your first Pupmail!