October 29, 2015

We Made A Few Updates: Contactually's New Features Recap


In case you missed it...we've updated a few things

We're always focused on large scale features to make your processes easier, but we sometimes lose sight of smaller wins. Our users are our livelihood, and we take into account even the smallest tweaks that can reduce the complexity in their businesses.

You've probably heard of some of the more notable product improvements we've rolled out, but here's a quick look at all the improvements we've been working on. We've managed to get some very useful and intuitive updates built in for teams and individuals, along with a few changes to make Contactually easy on the eyes.

Contactually's New Features Recap

Features for teams

Copy content directly to the Library

The Content Library provides the best way to share high quality content across the team. We've all been there though, you've got this great template that's been proven time and again, but when you go to share it with your team you find you have to recreate it entirely. This is time consuming and depending on the template it can be rather difficult. With the addition of the "Copy to Library" option, simply click and your Email Template, Bucket, Program or Pipeline will be instantly copied to the local team library. You'll never have to worry again about recreating your 10 step Program or other effective templates for your team to use!

Assign tasks throughout your team

One of the biggest challenges about working as a team is functioning as a single unit. No matter the team size, you'll need to find a way to coordinate efforts and ensure that everyone is working in sync. The Task Assignment feature let's you create, organize, and coordinate your communication efforts across your team. Once a task is assigned to a team member, they'll be instantly notified of their responsibilities. To keep everyone on the same page team members can even view individual contact profiles to see who is talking to whom, so you and your team will never feel out of the loop.

Features for users

Attach documents to contacts

We know with a growing network, it's tough to keep track of everything. Contracts, agreements, engagement letters, and miscellaneous papers can easily get shuffled around on the desk or misplaced in various folders and emails in the abyss we call a computer. Contactually's Document Attachment feature provides an easy solution -- attach important documents to the contacts they're affiliated with. You know you can track all of your business relationships within Contactually, now track the paper trail that follows them.

Add contacts to Programs in bulk

Programs are one of Contactually's most powerful features, but in the past it's been confusing on how to activate them. Associating contacts with a Program was problematic and involved a roundabout approach. With the new "bulk add to Programs" feature, you'll no longer have to dive into a contact profile to attach a relationship to a Program. Select one or multiple relationships from the Contacts Page and you'll have the option to quickly place them in a Program.

Capture leads from Zillow and Trulia

If you're a real estate professional you'll love our new found partnership with Zillow. We understand how important it is to stay connected with new leads, and build a dialogue as soon as their interest is sparked. With this new integration, never miss an opportunity again. Zillow and Trulia leads will automatically sync to your Contactually account even when you sleep. This hands-off approach let's you couple the new integration with powerful features like Programs, to provide instantaneous feedback to leads with a new interest.

Progressing for our users

With all of the new feature updates you'll also notice an improved clean look to the styling of some of our pages and forms. We're geared to build an easy intuitive user interface so you'll continue to love working in Contactually. We love hearing feedback from our loyal users and supporters. Feel free to leave a comment or message us directly with any ideas or suggestions.