May 25, 2017

Contactually's New Feature Recap -- Introducing easier ways to engage, and more!


We're halfway through Q2 of 2017, and we're excited to continue covering more ground. Our latest announcement? We're introducing notable improvements to make you even more efficient while using Contactually.

Ever get stuck digging for information on your contact?

You're ready to send a Follow-Up, but you've got to search a little further to make sure you're on track with previous conversations. Now with the introduction of the Universal Contact Sidebar (UCS), you're able to quickly skim the information you need, right there in the Follow-Up window!

The UCS is a visual tool that gives you a brief overview of the important details surrounding your relationship. When sending a Follow-Up or composing a ScaleMail, you can now

    • view your activity and recent communication history,

    • locate important contact information, and

    • pinpoint which Bucket(s) the contact is in.

Easily surface all relevant information for each contact so that when you're drafting your message, you can ensure it's personal to the recipient and in line with your last communication.

You've crafted the perfect message- now what?

You're ready to add value and continue the conversation. Before you hit send, opt in to our brand new Email Open Notifications feature. Identify exactly when the recipient opens your email, and leverage that opportunity to connect in the moment. Receive a notification on your desktop or iOS as soon as your message is read. (Android users, don't worry -- we're building this for you in a brand-new mobile app. Click here if you'd like to join the beta.)

Imagine how powerful your follow-up will be! Make a quick phone call to a hot lead you know is engaged and available and drive conversion while you're top of mind.

Track your engagement metrics.

With new updates to the Messages panel, you can now filter and drill down to the activities of the contacts you've been communicating with. Easily track how your contacts are engaging with your messages by filtering by actions (opens, clicks, replies) and send dates.

See a contact who didn't open your email or with whom you need to check in? You can now also use the Messages panel to directly follow up to an email you sent. Just click the arrow to open the email and touch base with the recipient again. The original message will automatically fill in below your new message so you can reference the starting point of the conversation.

Look out for more updates in the coming weeks

We're always working on building a better Contactually experience and providing solutions for your business. We're constantly developing new ways to help you engage and consistently stay top of mind, and we'd love for you to join the process. If you're interested in providing feedback for features coming down the pipeline, email